Bai Nian Hu Tu Jiu Ye is an alcoholic brand in China that manufactures alcohol that promotes intelligence and health. In conjunction to their promotional activities, this alcoholic brand is offering attractive promotional toys to attract customers and encourage sales. They are offering mind challenging toys like a metal ring puzzle, rubix cube and a marble solving game set.

Boost intelligence with these Promotional Toys!

Boost intelligence with these Promotional Toys!

Why Bai Nian Hu Tu Jiu Ye chose to use these promotional toys?

This China alcoholic brand offers alcohol that improves intelligence and boost memory. In a way, these mind challenging promotional toys actually complements their intelligence boosting alcohol. Toys like the metal ring puzzle and rubix cube would definitely help to sharpen our mind and improve our critical and problem solving skills. So while preparing for any promotional activities, companies should consider marketing gifts that are relevant and applicable. It is a small act that forms an indirect link to your brand and product.

On top of that, the metal ring puzzle and rubix cube also works well for an on-pack promotion. The size is small and compact which enables it to be packed easily. These mind boggling games are also suitable gifts for children and teenagers. Companies that deal with younger generations could adopt a similar marketing gift like this!

Branding your promotional toys!

It is essential to brand your marketing products. Branding improves brand awareness and encourages brand recognition. In this case, Bai Nian Hu Tu Jiu Ye could have imprinted their brand name or logo onto these mind challenging marketing products. With that in place, whenever customers play with the rubix cube they will be reminded of this alcoholic brand. These imprints will also act as a constant reminder that continues to advertise the brand even long after they have been received.

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