Do you love comic books, animation movies, games and special & collector editions? At ODM, we do! For that, we sent two of our promotional products specialists taking pictures and videos of this very exciting trade show.

collector edition gift

We loved this phone underwear, don’t you?

Figurines and Collector Editions

We found a lot of figurines and collector edition gifts during the fair. The real great thing about figurines like the one below is that it is very easy to customize to suit any band/company mascot.

collector edition daft punk

Daft Punk custom figurines, maybe for a collector edition of their latest album?

These Daft Punk figurines could potentially be part of the collector edition of their lastest album/tour DVD. This product however has only an ornamental purpose, it will sit on your desk or on the shelf at home but it is still a very high end gift. Plus, a collector edition will act as a constant reminder to you as you look at your desk every day.

If you are interested in figurines or mascot to put into a collector edition, we recommend that you read our blog below:

During this crazy day, we’ve also found some Pokemon figurines, Chupa Chup’s duck plush and a lot more.

We found some promo gifts too!

We stopped at many different booth and we found some pretty cool promo gift as well. Microsoft, in order to promote its new XBOX, was giving away a lot of gifts. We’ve found fans, bottle openers, key rings, drink bottles, swiss army knives, etc.

collector edition xbox gifts

XBox Gifts & Collector Edition

Also, we spotted these basketball players mugs that we found pretty nice, what do you think?

custom ceramics

Basketball players Mugs