Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong 2011, an annual exhibition featuring Japanese anime, comics and games, is taking place at the HKCEC from 29th of July to 2nd August.

Dressed for Success..

This year, it’s bigger than ever. With unique and brand new innovative elements in play (with a theme like “Fountains of Creativity”), this event is the perfect platform for local practitioners as well as the industry to shine. The promotional market can use this opportunity to learn more about licensing.

Doraemon – A popular licensing for promotion these days

See: Doraemon Licensing which has been a popular choice amongst marketing managers

With a whole range of retail merchandises spanning from collectibles and figurines to everyday items like mugs and bags, there is basically something for everyone! We’ve noted that almost everybody had a katana umbrella. They sell like hot cakes..

Trendy, creative and energetic, this event has so much in store for those who are young and young at heart. If this is the age group you are intending to capture, it’s always good to know what’s in trend to stir up some interest in your next promotional campaign. The trick is to identify the right mascot