A stapler has always been essential for everyday school use or office purposes, which is a great promotional gift idea! A stapler without staples is an innovation that helps to hold sheets of paper together without having the need to pierce staples through them.

Firstly, how does a staple-free stapler work?

As the name suggests, this staple-free stapler is different from every other ordinary staplers as it does not require the use of staples in order to hold sheets of paper together.

A staple-free stapler works by punching a small hole in the pages to be attached together. This punched-out paper remains attached on one side and is folded back to form a tab. This tab is tucked into a slit created by the staple-free staplers to ensure that the connection is secure.

Promotional Gift - Staple free stapler

Promotional Gift – Staple free stapler


What are the benefits of this product?

This staple-free stapler is safe for all ages and requires low maintenance. You do not have to worry about getting caught by the staples nor would you have to waste time trying to undo a staple jam. The pages of your documents would not be ripped apart as you try to separate them. As it does not require any staples, it is an eco-friendly product and helps to save the amount of staples that is discarded into the environment. Resources such as time and money used to produce the staples can also be cut back on.

Why use a staple-free stapler as a promotional gift?

This staple-free stapler is a great promotional gift idea for companies such as Popular and Faber Castell that sell stationeries like notebooks, pencil cases, markers, highlighters and many others.

Staplers are indispensable stationeries that are needed everywhere be it in school, at work or at home. This staple-free stapler would be a great promotional gift as it is very handy, useful and easy to carry around. It is not only an environmentally friendly product but at the same time helps to prevent cuts that are caused by the staples.

How can this staple-free stapler benefit the company as a promotional gift idea?

An eco-friendly product would help to bring about positive feedback for the organization with emphasis that the company is making an effort to conserve the environment. The company logo can be printed on the stapler to boost brand awareness and brand recall. While using the stapler, consumers would be reminded of the company and the products they sell. This would induce repeated purchases which would in turn generate sales for the company.