Sommersby Cider presented by the Danish brewing company Carlsberg Group is now offering a free gift with purchase for everyone who purchases a Sommersby apple cider. The free gift contains an 8 in 1 party cooking kit, which provides different functions. A few of the innovative functions are: A Lemon squeezer, spice grater, egg masher, cap opener and many more functions.

Free Gift With Purchase - 8 in 1 Party Cooking Kit

Free Gift With Purchase – 8 in 1 Party Cooking Kit

The brand was developed originally for the Danish market, but thanks to marketing strategies like free gifts, it soon became global. It’s a refreshing drink which can be mixed with other drinks. A Party cooking bottle is therefore a great promotional product to add to Sommersby’s global campaign.

Why Offer a Free Gift With Purchase?

A free gift with purchase brings many benefits for your company:

  • It helps to increase sales, attracting more customers. As we said before, people love free gifts.
  • Very effective way of advertisement. Customers love to show the gift they received and if they really like it, they would tell their friends and family, increasing the chances that your company will be recognized by many people.
  • Strengthen the customer loyalty. When customers receive the gift, they would have a good impression on your company. This encourages them to continue purchasing your products.
  • Improve brand recollection, as the gift with purchase leaves an impact on your customers. This will help them to be able to recall your brand over other brands.
Free Gift With Purchase - 8 in 1 Party Cooking Kit

Free Gift With Purchase – 8 in 1 Party Cooking Kit

A Free Gift With Purchase Adds Extra Value to your Product

A free gift with purchase adds extra value to your products. Therefore you need to make sure that the promotional product you add is in line with your company’s brand identity. A promotional kitchen tool like the one Sommersby offers is a great product, which is in line with their brand identity. A bottle mixer is great to raise sales and brand awareness because there are great possibilities for customization.

Feel free to contact the ODM Group to learn more about free gifts with purchases like this, which you can include in your marketing strategy. We have years of experience with sourcing promotional products for companies all over the world. If you are interested in similar products, check out some of our related case studies below:

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