Brand Activation, essential for any business. This is a great way to increase profitability for your firm. There are many ways to do this, but promotional products are a cut above the rest for activating you brand. This can be seen with the example of a Re-usable coffee cup and a promotional product.

Brand Activation-Re-usable Coffee Cup

Brand Activation-Re-usable Coffee Cup

Branding a great item like this can be used as a way to achieve brand activation. It is an item that would often be used daily, and on the move, by professionals. This would expose the cup to the many, raising awareness and ultimately achieving brand activation.

Potential Ways to use this product for Brand Activation:

  • Company Gift – Gift your employees, enhance employee satisfaction and increase awareness of your brand. This can all be achieved by gifting your employees with a branded promotional product such as this re-usable coffee cup.
  • Gift With Purchase – A great item like this would surely increase sales through adding value to a purchase. This has been done in the past by Hugo Boss as a way to add value to a purchase of perfume, targeting professionals on the move, the target group for this particular fragrance.
Brand Activation - Re-usable Coffee Cup

Brand Activation – Re-usable Coffee Cup

  • Redemption Gift – This is a way for businesses to drive repeat purchase and customer retention. A coffee brand would have great potential in creating a promotional gift like this as a redemption gift. Increasing profitability, through customer retention and repeat purchase.
  • Social Media Marketing – Brand activation can be achieved through social media very effectively. When using a promotional product in a competition, with the pre-requisite of a share/like the effect can be snowballing. An exceptional use of a promotional product.

The benefits of using promotional merchandise expand beyond these examples, and the trickle down effect of this style of marketing is profound. Brand Activation can be achieved in a multiplicity of ways, through social media promotional gifts, redemption gifts, company gifts, and simple gifts with purchase.

To learn more about great ways to enhance your branding, visit our ODM blog. Years of experience and a plethora of uses for promotional products can be found here.