The best way to become established in your business is to improve your customer retention. Especially if you want to promote your restaurant, it’s the best to use branded promotional products. Today many people take a picture of their food before they eat it and post the pictures online. So if you want to be successful with your restaurant, make sure to use this cost effective marketing and use branded dishes for brand activation.

A perfect opportunity for brand activation is to use branded dishes. For example get custom sushi trays for your restaurant. That way your costumers take pictures of your delicious food with your logo next to the food. That way these pictures attract new costumers, because the people who see the picture will automatically connect the delicious sushi with your restaurant.

Why promoting with custom sushi trays as brand activation?

These sushi trays are a great to promote with. They are available in different materials and in different shapes. Sushi trays are amazing promotional products for brand activation, because they offer a great branding area on the cover.

Furthermore you can use single use plastic or paper sushi trays. These are great when you offer your sushi as takeaway food. The single use custom sushi trays are available in many different shapes, too. If you use branded single use sushi trays, your costumer promotes your brand where ever he eats the sushi. That way, using brand activation, your costumer attracts new guests for your restaurant at home or at a party.

Custom sushi trays as brand activation

Custom sushi trays as brand activation

Promotional Products in general are a fantastic way to improve your customer retention and to get new customers. If you’re curious how branded sushi trays can increase brand activation? Feel free to contact us!

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