Paper Clips are items used in offices and homes around the world. This makes them a great item for branding, however, the traditional paper clip offers little branding space, seemingly an opportunity lost. However, with a style of branded paper clip that offers branding space like this one, the opportunity for brand activation is ignited.

Branded Paper Clips for Brand Activation

Branded Paper Clips for Brand Activation

These branded paper clips have been utilized by Luzerner Fest in 2011 and it is a great example of the use of a promotional product to bring about brand awareness among other strong profitability opportunities.

What are the opportunities when using branded paper clips?

  • Strong Brand Image – Making your brand prevalent is key for any business. Branding paper clips is a great way to make your brand omnipresent, as paper clips are found in both office and homes. They could be given out as marketing gifts at expo’s, or as a gift at point of sale. The applications of a product like this are endless for a promotional solution.
  • Customer Retention – When your brand is well-known, consumers are more likely to return to using your product or service. Branded paper clips like this offer an exceptional way to achieve this, leading to increased profitability in both the short and long term.
  • Below the line Marketing – BTL marketing is a great way to achieve brand activation. Branded paper clips like this can effectively advertise your business and demand attention from your consumers. This leads to increased profitability for your business, in an affordable and memorable way.


How can ODM help?

If interested in the branded paper clips mentioned above, be sure to contact ODM and enquire on the product code ODM-856.

Keen on creating your very own branded promotional items? Look no further than ODM. Contact us today to learn how you can vastly improve your business. Our product designers will be able to provide you with multiple unique examples for you to wow your audience. Our years of expertise and a vast array of examples with a wide variety of products will surely suit your marketing needs.


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