Blue promotional products stick out like a sore thumb (in a good way). They emphasize the differences between your company and the others. Thus, piquing the public’s interests and providing the company with ample benefits. For example, the ones used by Blue Cup Coffee’s would surely leave a lasting impression on customers. 


Magic 6- Blue Promotional Products for Coffee

Magic 6- Blue Promotional Products for Coffee

Effective strategy as it considers every element of the business. From the cup and saucer and sugar…

Magic 6- Blue Promotional Products for Coffee

Magic 6- Blue Promotional Products for Coffee

To the food topper and napkin…

Magic 6- Blue Promotional Products for Coffee

Magic 6- Blue Promotional Products for Coffee

Even the table number holder is branded!

Magic 6- Blue Promotional Products for Coffee

Magic 6- Blue Promotional Products for Coffee

Here are 6 reasons why you should use promotional products.

6 Benefits of Using Blue Promotional Products for Effective Branding

  • Clearly Distinguished: Blue marketing products help customers to recognize and remember the types of products and services the company offers. After all, how many brands use such promotional products? These products will not only prevent them from confusing the company with another, it will also help to boost sales.


  • Word-of-mouth: It is the most effective marketing strategy. It results in a faster sales conversion rate at no advertising cost by the company! Positive word-of-mouth can be achieved just by delivering satisfactory offerings consistently. Customers are more likely to support your brand when they are satisfied with the products and services. Promotional products make it even easier for customers to do so.


  • Increased Traffic: Marketing products make it easier for the public to identify the company even through word-of-mouth. Additionally, an extremely impactful promotional product would be able help to convince them of your company’s worthiness. If they really like what they see and hear, they could even show support to the company themselves by choosing your products over others. This way, the company would reach a larger audience as more people are aware of the company.


  • Perceived Quality: Customers often perceive companies with effective branding to be of higher quality. Moreover, it provides a premium feeling to it, giving the company a competitive edge. As a result, customers prefer and are much more inclined to buy from them. Hence, the company’s bottom line also increases. 


  • Higher Sales: Customers are willing to pay more for what they think to be of better quality. For instance, when comparing two identical products – one with effective branding and one without, customers would still purchase the former even if it is significantly more expensive than the other. This is due to their perceived quality. With effective branding, the company can increase the price of the product as high as possible and there will still be demand for the product. This leads to maximized sale and profit margins.


  • Promotes Customer Loyalty: Customers are loyal to companies that provide them with personalized promotional products. So, companies should really take advantage of this fact and offer such promotional products to customers. As these offerings are only offered by the company and cannot be found elsewhere, customer would be more encouraged to make repeat purchases.

Key Takeaways

In a nutshell, there are other benefits of unique promotional product design and custom promotional products that are not listed above. One of them is enhanced branding. This creates clear distinction between your company and the others. With these, customers know what to expect from your company and under which circumstance you can meet their needs. Hence, companies should start thinking of ways to incorporate their branding into their promotional strategies. But don’t forget, in order to achieve maximized impact, all aspects of the business should be covered!

If you’re looking for cafe merchandise, drink promotional products or any other promotional merchandise you should definitely check ODM out. We have a whole team of experts ready to brainstorm with you. Contact us today to learn more on how you can enhance your branding. Oh, and don’t worry if blue does not match with your company’s color schemes. Other colors would work just as well. We could pantone-match your logo, product and printing colors accordingly!

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