Branded Wood Packaging can help a brand stand out from the other bottles of alcohol. Such packaging allows this product to stand out among competitors on the same shelf. One example is the beautiful packaging of the Glenrothes Vintage Scotch Whisky below.

Branded Wood Packaging

Branded Wood Packaging

There are many other benefits that branded wood packaging can bring your brand. Here are the top 4 benefits listed and explained.


Benefits of Branded Wooden Packaging


Not only does wood packaging helps raise the attractiveness of the product, but it also helps upscale the brand. With the more expensive, posh and attractive look, wood packing can increase brand awareness as well as recognition. Well-managed packaging can also raise the brand’s overall image. To showcase a lavish look, brass corners and leather straps can also be added on top of lamination. The attractive packaging will entice consumers who want to use this as a display item or a gift.


Wood packaging is highly customizable, thus this allows companies to place their logos or brand image on products. Not only can you design your wood packaging in any shape or form, but you can also have an option of engraving your brand. Having a brand logo engraved into the wood not only provides a luxurious feel, but also promotes brand exclusivity. The constant use of unique wood packaging also makes the brand more recognisable, as most liquor brands use cardboard beverage packaging.


Wood packaging is highly durable and can be used for years without breaking, rusting or corroding. A well made wooden structure can hold up to 50lbs per sq metre. Hardwood has a life span of 20-30 years, while softwood has a life span of 10 years. Not only is wood good for packaging but also for point of sale display units.


With an increasing emphasis on eco-friendliness, more and more companies and consumers are focusing on ‘going green’. With more people frowning upon the use of plastic, wood is an eco-friendly alternative for branded packaging due to being highly bio-degradable. There are many other forms of biodegradable packaging solutions such as cardboard or corn starch, but these materials are not durable in comparison to wood.


Overall, the use of branded wood packaging is highly recommended to build on brand awareness and attractiveness. They are easy to implement, and more importantly, leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, you can also beautify alcohol bottles via the use of bottle glorifiers and point of sale display units.

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