Lego recently ventured to the big screen and released fun-filled 3D Lego movies. Surprisingly, these movies hit the big screen like it was some kind of Star Wars. It was legendary! With the success of their movies, the brand created an adorable collection of custom cartoon keychain that served as promotional giveaways for their movie marketing scheme.

Custom Cartoon Keychain

Keychains are one of the top choices for promotional campaigns due to its design flexibility and novelty. A lot of brands use this tiny trinket to get their message across your consumers. And most of the time, brands achieve their expected marketing results.

Each custom cartoon keychain is customised to look like a Lego keychain. As you may have noticed, even the slightest detail resembles that of a cute logo.

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What Makes Lego’s Custom Cartoon Keychain Better Than The Others?

  • Promotes The Movie – Key chains are a great way of enhancing customer contact with your brand and lengthening brand visibility. Since Lego shapes their keychains like their characters, these promotional items remind the customers of the movie. Furthermore, the superb quality of the keychains assures the brand that customers will always cling to these cuties.
  • Design – We all love receiving quality marketing gifts. These cartoon keychains do not look cheap which strengthen the brand’s marketing campaign. Evidently, these toys are made from quality materials.
  • Variety – Lastly, Lego offers a variety of keychain designs, making them ideal collectible promo items. This is really beneficial because this encourages customers to act and support their brand in order for them to get these custom cartoon keychains.


How Can Lego Use This Custom Cartoon Keychain

  • Gift With Purchase – Customers will get free keychains when they purchase a certain product or amount.
  • Purchase with purchase promotions – Increase sales by offering keychains for a lower price when they purchase any of their featured products.
  • Offer awesome marketing giveaways in exchange of signing up to their newsletter.
  • As covermount gifts along with magazine publications to increase readership and further promote their products and movies.


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