We are all aware how Redbull maximize their marketing with flashy sponsorship and death – defying sporting events. But they are also offering simple marketing gifts to incentivize shoppers for their small purchases. Recently, our team has spotted a custom logo keychain as a bottle neck gift by Redbull. It’s simple but it certainly piqued our interest.

Gift With Purchase: Custom Logo Keychain

Custom Logo Keychain: What Makes Redbull’s Promotion A Success

Promotional keychains hold your keys and brand logo everywhere you go. Just have the right style or design, add your logo, and voila! You now have a great personalized promotional marketing gift item for your customers. This keychain from Redbull embodies the brand’s marketing message – simple but does the job well.


What Make This Custom Logo Keychain Great?

  • Promotes The Brand Through Clear Design – When a customer receives this promo gift, the keychain subtly reminds them of the brand. The tag line and logo are clearly printed on the chain. And the choice of color truly resonates with the brand. The red letters is set against black background so the brand name really stood out.
  • Brand Value – Offering giveaway promo gifts improve the brands’ reputation because it leaves a good impression on customers. Hence, the brand comes first when when customers go shopping next time.
  • Customisable – Keychains are one of the most customisable items in the world. This helps marketing people ace their projects and campaigns. They can also be made out of various materials that’s within your marketing budget such as rubber, wood, and plastic. Redbull’s choice of material is just perfect as it’s relatively durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear. Here’s an example of interesting keychain design.


How can this promotion be improved?

  • Better Packaging – Looking at the picture, we feel that the brand could use better packaging in order to entice more shoppers. Our product designers can help you out with the design and actual manufacturing. A clean and presentable packaging makes the product even more attractive. Furthermore, it highlights the custom promotional giveaways that the brand is offering.

Custom Logo Keychain: What Makes Redbull’s Promotion A Success

Overall, using promotional items to further enhance brand promotion is effective and smart. It is vital to have your own set of promotional items because it greatly benefits the brand positively. And because key chains are small and able to fit in pockets and clip on bags, it will be easier to get your brands into the hands of your target customers. With daily use, your brand becomes a part of their every day life.

If you need help with designing and manufacturing promotionalbranded key cahins for your next marketing project, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team is always ready to walk you through the creative and production processes. Speak with our merchandisers and in-house designers at Mindsparkz today!


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