Here is an promotional gift suggestion that should appeal to anyone remotely involved in the sports industry. The product is a very thin waterproof poncho. The Raincoat Poncho is so light and thin that it can be folded into a tiny ball. Once folded it can be enclosed in a ball shaped key ring.

Raincoat poncho ball keychain promotional gift

Raincoat poncho ball keychain promotional gift

rugby ball keychain promotional gift

One could imagine all sorts of different shapes for the key rings, depending on which industry your company works in. For example if you work in sports why not chose a soccer ball, a rugby ball or a basket ball.

Of course this promo could be used in other industries too. Basically anything in relation with outdoors, that is to say with rain, will fit!

We appreciate this Raincoat Poncho is an excellent promotional item for several reasons :

  • highly practical : no need to take a bulky umbrella out with you, just take a key ring in case of rain
  • easily branded : just print your logo on the poncho and the gift turns into the perfect advertising agent
  • low costs as its a standardized product
  • multifunctional : a raincoat, a key chain and a souvenir

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