Personalised rain ponchos make a great promotional giveaway for outdoor events such as races, parades, carnivals & sport events etc… Everyone will love to have a poncho in their pocket or bag just in case it rains. Especially useful and convenient, it is something which people will keep & reuse.  Our favourite packaging method is in capsule promo packaging.

Rain poncho is lightweight and normally one-size-fits-all.  It can come in various colours and there are different styles and options available to fit your budget & need.

Cheapest poncho available is thin, tears easily, and is only suitable for one use.  More expensive higher quality poncho – made of thicker plastics or rubber – can be used several times, and normally comes with a vinyl pouch for easy storage. This pouch can also be reused to store business cards, passports etc…

Customize these ponchos by having your logo printed directly on them and they serve as walking billboards for your company, increasing brand awareness. You may even choose to have multiple logos imprinted on the front & back for maximum branding effect. More effectively, also have your company logo or coupon printed on paper/card insert in the packing.  This will help ensure advertising when poncho is not in use.

Rain poncho is inexpensive, eye-catching & incredibly useful – definitely a cost-effective means of promotion!