ODM are now taking last minute orders as America plans to celebrate Independence Day on Fourth of July.  However, any orders from this time will need to be air shipped to arrive on time so to keep promotional campaigns green we would recommend high value, low weight items.

This holiday, adopted after the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776, commemorates the 234th anniversary of America in 2010.

On this federal holiday Political speeches, ceremonies and military parades are held in major cities. Carnivals, concerts and events take place nationwide as people celebrate and party on their national day. Similar to other summer-themed events, multiple outdoor activities take place such as sports and games, tailgate parties, BBQs, and fireworks..

Seize this opportunity to promote and advertise your brand with the wide range of activities going on.  Many product platforms are great promotional tools for this holiday – the Americans value their flag very highly as can be seen with a unique Flag day…. Stadium and related products, sports and outdoor equipment, party and holiday theme items are all other superb options for promotions.

We would like to feature more National Day events moving forward on our blog, showcasing the different gift culture and celebrations.   Have listed all major National holidays by date here