Do you know that rainy days can be an excellent opportunity to promote a brand? There are a lot of amazing promotional gifts which can be offered during the rainy seasons, and this rain poncho keyring is a perfect example!

Promotional Idea – Poncho Keyring

This promotional product is simple and easy-to-offer gift. It is actually a plastic ball keyring which contains a compressed rain poncho. Furthermore, the colour of the plastic ball and the poncho can be customized. You can even print your logo on both of them to boost brand awareness!

The Blue Raincoat tested by ODM

Although it may not be the most fashionable article you can find but it still provide a shelter, preventing you from getting wet during rainy days… Moreover, being highly visible with your brand printed on it, it creates indirect marketing for free!

Last but not least, this poncho is also a convenient product to bring along for any water activities at the adventure park as well!

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