The rainy weather lasts all year around in some countries which makes this custom rain poncho a fitting promotional product. Help protect your customers from the wet weather and getting a flu while advertising your brand at the same time! This blog will focus on why these custom rain poncho promos make it an ideal product or gift with purchase for your brand!

Custom Rain Poncho

Custom Rain Poncho


How Custom Rain Ponchos Will Boost Your Brand Visibility:

  • Biodegradable – Sustainability is trending and becoming more popular recently as it is a way to keep the environment safe. The poncho is made from plants and not plastic which makes it reusable.
  • Design –  A rain poncho can be customised in any way. The brand logo can be printed anywhere, whether it is just one print or a full print. Be as creative as you like! It also comes in a range of colours, so you can pick a shade that suits your brand theme or go completely transparent.
  • Brand Activation – Due to the outdoor nature of the product, it is suitable for outdoor marketing. The brand design and logo will stand out whether it’s for a festivals, camping, sports, amusement parks, or cycling. It can also be worn by anyone, whether adults or children. For children, this rain poncho keyring makes it a fun item as it comes packed in a creative way. They can re-use the keyring again to store other items.
Custom Rain Poncho

Custom Rain Poncho

To Sum Up…

If you are an outdoor company working with festivals, campsites, transports or other related industries, this promotional product will definitely be effective for your brand and boost sales. Other outdoor products which may be suitable for your brand might include customized tents, customized inflatable snow globe, camping chairs, branded stainless steel bottles, and a custom printed cooling towel.

What colour rain poncho would you pick? Would the design be on the front or back? Or printed all over? Our in-house design team Mindsparkz can help create some design ideas if interested. The product code for a custom rain poncho is 2789, please refer to this code when contacting our China or Vietnam office.


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