Want to stand out from your competitors? Have a queue of customers lined up in anticipation for your brand? Well, this product will definitely guarantee that response. This customized inflatable snow globe is interactive as it allows people to actually come into the globe and be a part of it.

Whether it is for Christmas, a beach party, or Halloween themed, it is the perfect outdoor promotion to activate customer involvement. The globe can also move snow around using a machine to make the experience more authentic. This is not your regular sized snow globe, other custom promotional products include wooden snow globes, custom branded snow globes, Christmas promo gifts or a branded deck chair which can be placed beside the globe as people queue up.


Inflatable Snow Globe

Inflatable Snow Globe

The advantages of this customized inflatable snow globe include:

  • Can fit up to 6 people
  • Appropriate for both adults and children
  • Perfect for social media marketing and growth through user generated content
  • Creates a great photo opportunity
  • Can customise the design to make it original and unique
  • Perfect for events
Inflatable Snow Globe

Inflatable Snow Globe

How a customized inflatable snow globe will help your business:

This outdoor advertising sign will help your brand stand out, gaining a fun brand image as the purpose of this product is for the customers to enjoy. Outdoor marketing displays are the first contact the public has of your brand. Therefore, it should be enticing to get their interest otherwise, they will just walk past without any recognition. Due to the enormity of this snow globe, it cannot be ignored and will get many people’s attention.

For any outdoor promotion designs, our in-house design team Mindsparkz can help come up with innovative ideas. The product code for this item is 2792. Please refer to this code when contacting us.


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