Have you planned your promotions this Christmas? Many brands are currently having festive promos to attract more customers. Brighton, an accessory company in USA is currently giving away Storyland Musical Snow Globe GWP Promo to customers who spend at least $125 in the store.

GWP Promo snow globe

GWP Promo – Christmas Snow Globe

Having promotions during festive season is a great way to market your brand. When customers are doing their Christmas shopping, the promos will be easily spotted. It’s also a good method to draw in new customers by attracting them with such special promotions.

Why use a GWP Promo?

We like this GWP promo gift because it is custom made and exquisite, adding value to promo. High perceived value will help to increase sales for company. In addition, brand name in the snow globe is great for promoting the company even after Christmas. As a decoration ornament, this gift can continue to provide free advertisements for the brand in long term.

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