Promotional sports items are a popular choice of merchandise by many brands we have worked with. Are you in the sports or health industry? Well, read this blog to find out why you should invest in sports products. Along with why this t-shirt with inbuilt headphones is the perfect example!

Promotional Sports Items

Promotional Sports Items


Five Reasons To Invest In Promotional Sports Items:

  • Demand: Working out is always going to have a big target audience base as people are more invested in their health as fitness. This means that there will always be people looking for fitness products. It’s not a trend but a lifestyle.
  • Utility:  Sports items are practical as they will be used and not just put away as storage. This 2-in-1 sports t-shirt is a perfect example as it has a tech gadget built in. When doing sports of any kind, finding a secure place to store a phone is difficult. This top has a hidden pocket at the back to place the phone and connect the headphones which have an inbuilt wiring system but are also detachable for laundry. This stops headphones from getting entangled as they are kept in place and the fabric is sweat proof.
Promotional Sports Items

Promotional Sports Items


  • Durability: Promotional sports items are usually high quality and long lasting as they are made to be used numerously and throughly during exercise and sports. Brands can achieve a high perceived value by creating such items.
  • Brand Association: For brands in the sports, outdoor or health industry, these are the perfect promotional items.  brand image to boost image. This offers a great way to connect with customers through similar interests and value which can result in customer retention.
Promotional Sports Items

Promotional Sports Itemsports


To Sum Up…

We hope those five reasons were more than enough to help sway you into investing in high-quality promotional sports items! By creating an item which is multi-functional, it will attract young people who are seeking innovative and trendy products.

What type of promotional sports items would fit your brand? What other feature would you add to the t-shirt? Which colours would your customers like? The product code for this item is 2775. If you are interested in the sports t-shirt with inbuilt headphones, please quote this number when contacting us at ODM! For any assistance on design for creative sports promotions, our in-house team; Mindsparkz are fabulous and can make a presentation of ideas to inspire you!


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