Sweatbands are a great product for those who do sports and need something small to assist in cooling them down. These sweatbands are small, easy to slip on and comfortable. Instead of carrying a towel, a custom sweatband is preferable. A sweatband with a zipper pocket would be a great promotional product offered in a range of colours and designs.

Custom sweatband

Custom sweatband

Benefits of a Custom Sweatband:

  • High Quality – Made from thick stretchy material, holds up well without losing its shape and comfortable to wear.
  • Functions – The added zipper pocket is a useful feature to keep any small belongings on body such as a key or some money. This can come in very handy for some people as a secret compartment is always a benefit and ensures there are no lost items.
  • Versatile – Used by everyone for different activities such as football, tennis, running, exercising in the gym and many more.
  • Practical – The material is made to absorb sweat which makes it effective when doing sports and feeling hot and sticky. Easier to use than regular or cooling towels.
  • Reusable – Can be washed and reused every time it is needed.
  • Colours – As mentioned above and seen in the pictures, the colour option for a custom sweatband is endless. Whatever colour or design you would like it doable at ODM.
Custom sweatband

Custom sweatband

This custom sweatband is the perfect promotional product with a twist as it is useful in a good few ways from absorbing sweat, pocketing small items and being reusable. When your customers are working out, they will be advertising the brand on their arms and wrists making it an efficient way to promote your brand and showcase the logo. It will also allow brand activation to take place.

Will your customers benefit from custom sweatbands? What type of designs would you pick? Would you like any other added features other than a zipper pocket? Our in-house design team Mindsparkz can help create some out-of-world designs if you need any help! The code for this item is 1306, please refer to this number if you are interested in this product.


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