Finding a brilliant product packaging design for products can be hard, especially when it is on a shelf with numerous other products. Different techniques work such as using something unique, colourful or funny. This blog will focus on tips for packaging to make outdoor items stand out and catch customer’s attention to set you apart. The product of focus is cooling towels which are very useful as its main purpose is to hold water in to keep people cool.

Product Packaging Design

Product Packaging Design (Product Code: 2694)


Here is a fun customised packaging design made by our in-house team; Mindsparkz. By adding a personalised touch, it makes the product more relatable to the customer as they can imagine their faces on the paper card. This adds a hint of humour which can be reflected by the company giving it a positive image and reputation.

Tips for product packaging designs:

Packaging –  The packaging is the first thing a customer sees and uses this to judge the product. If the product is not selling well, it might be because of the packaging and design. Add something relatable, or humorous which will be an incentive to pick the product up, even if it is just to have a look. Custom retail packaging is really important.

Colours –  The colours are also important as simple designs could either work really well or look boring. This usually results in it being ignored by customers. The logo for Mindsparkz is blue and black which have been mirrored in the design. There are different tones of blue used to compliment the logo and seem relevant.

Functionality – The packaging demonstrates how to use the cooling towel through the main picture. The mini illustrations are appealing as it provides different ways of wearing the product. This can convince the customer to buy the product. Pictures are more helpful than having a few written tips on the packaging.  Customers will understand the image quicker and do not need to look for an explanation.


Perks of a cooling towel:

  • Lightweight – Easy to carry around, especially when being active and doing sports. The custom cooling towel can be worn around the head, draped over shoulders or even wrapped around an arm.
  • Ease of use – The towel needs to be soaked in water, wrung out and snapped to activate. To re-activate the fabric, just soak it in water again or snap.
  • Eco-friendly – Cooling towels are reusable after putting it in the wash which makes it perfect to pitch your company as caring for the environment.
  • Multi-functional – This product can be used for other reasons such as cooling down a fever, camping, travelling, and going to the beach.

To sum up on product packaging designs:

Hopefully these tips offered some help and inspiration on how to market products better. Remember, personalisation is key to relate to customers, as well as displaying illustrations instead of writing instructions and tips on how to use the product.

If you could pick packaging for a branded cooling towel, what type of facial expression would you pick? Like this product packaging design but want to cater it to your product? You’re at the right place as we can assist you to make the wildest ideas come to life! Product code: 2694. Contact us for more information.


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