The kitchen industry is a highly competitive market. With all the new brands and ingenious products out there, it can be hard to get people to notice your brand. One of the best ways to attract more eyeballs on your products amidst busy retail shelves, is through the use of custom promotional products. One good example is this kitchen promotional towel by Maggie. They offered the branded towel as an on-pack offer and lots of customers loved it!


Promotional Kitchen Towel 3 Points For A Squeaky Clean Marketing Drive

Promotional Kitchen Towel 3 Points For A Squeaky Clean Marketing Drive

The kitchen towel is custom printed with brand name and cute graphics. Customers can use it to keep their work stations clean, or wipe newly washed utensils dry. This is a handy customer gift that will surely be used every day. What’s more, unlike other promotional gifts, it won’t drain your marketing budget dry. In essence, this simple kitchen item is a simple yet effective marketing tool!


What Makes this Promotional Kitchen Towel Stand Out?

This custom towel is not your ordinary dishcloth. It’s an item that aims to further promote your brands/ products through creative branding designs. And if you may have noticed, this washcloth has interesting designs that creatively showcase the brand name and logo.

Promotional Kitchen Towel : 4 Rules to Boost Your Brand Promotion

  • Consider the Cost – This is an important aspect to consider when you have a tight marketing budget. But branded towels are fairly inexpensive to produce. There are also one-offs sold online, however, custom designed ones will be more effective in delivering your brand message. As the cost for a regular size starts from 0.3 USD/piece. And prices vary depending on the materials and printing technique used. As this is an affordable marketing gift option, the more custom printed towels you have, the wider marketing coverage for you.

If you’re looking for another cost-effective kitchen promotional product, Kewpie gives a good example.. However, there are a lot of things that could be improved here such as the packaging, presentation, and use of POS displays. Read on to learn more:

  • Make It Appealing –  As you can see, Maggi’s promotional towel has a lot of space for branding. They used reactive printing in this one, which is a cost-effective printing method for designing huge volumes of bar towels. When designing your towels you can also use digital or sublimation printing. This will work well for complex designs. Whatever printing method you have in mind, ensure that your brand visuals are clear and well designed. If you’re not familiar with any printing methods, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

To give you an idea about printing towels, we would like to share you this blog. Here, we discuss the potential printing issues and ways to avoid it.


  • Inspire Customer Retention Promotional giveaways are rewards to customers’ continuous patronage to your brand. And this becomes a wonderful deal for your target market. Customers will be happy to receive a marketing gift that is useful such as a promotional kitchen towel because they feel that they get more than what they paid for. Therefore, when customers are happy, they will keep your brand on top of mind, thus building trust and loyalty.
  • Extend Brand Exposure: Once the oyster sauce has been consumed, the sauce container will be thrown away, but not the towel. This ensures prolonged brand exposure inside the household.

Areas For Improvement

The first thing that we notice is the poor packaging design. It could be that the brand is offering this for a limited time only. And while it’s cost-saving and easy to execute, the brand could have made the presentation a bit more appealing. You must always ensure that your items are neat and presentable because your products reflect the kind of brand that customers are dealing with. So, it’s best to maintain a presentable packaging.

In conclusion, this promotional kitchen towel may increase sales and reinforce customer trust. It is practical and can be used daily, thereby extending brand visibility beyond retail stores.

So, if you’re keen to boost your business by creating attractive and trendy product packaging and using promotional products feel free to contact The ODM Group today. Our team has extensive experience in marketing and manufacturing to help you develop your own kitchen giveaways.


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