Swanson, a household brand known for its mouth watering soup broth is having a promotional giveaway at all leading supermarkets in Singapore. With every purchase of Swanson Twin Pack Chicken Broth, customers will be entitled to an on-pack kitchen towel for free!

On-Pack Promotional Gift – Kitchen Towel by Swanson

Swanson has adopted a very effective marketing strategy by offering a practical promotional gift to its customers. This small promotional item may seem insignificant but it actually creates a huge marketing impact on its customers. It acts as an incentive product and encourages customers to purchase Swanson’s product as opposed to its competitor’s. This extra promotional kitchen towel might just be the deciding factor for a customer to purchase Swanson’s product.

By bundling up their products, Swanson is also able to increase its sales while running this promotion. ODM feels that this promotional towel can be improved by adding a logo onto it. This branding tactic increases brand awareness and heightens brand recognition when the promotional product is in use.

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