Tired of the usual promotional gifts for kitchen promotions? Here’s a unique way to present your brand: using logo wooden cutlery. Luckily, there are wooden cutlery suppliers in China that can provide high-quality products at an affordable price.

Here are some of wooden cutlery examples from a China factory. The products are made from beechwood. Each spoon measures 12.7 x 2.5 cm. Wood adds a touch of class to the product so this makes the merchandise even more appealing.

Wooden Cutlery Suppliers

Wooden Cutlery Suppliers


Wooden Cutlery Suppliers: Why Opt for Wooden Cutlery for Promotions?

  • Eco-Friendly: Made out of beechwood,which is a sustainable material, these wooden spoons are a fantastic alternative to disposable plastic cutlery. Aside from beechwood, you can also explore other wood materials such as bamboo, which is abundant in Asia. This means better exposure as eco-friendly products can greatly boost your brand image.
Wooden Cutlery Suppliers

Wooden Cutlery Suppliers

  • Flexible Design: You can either brandish the wood or etch your logo/brand name onto the surface for long lasting brand exposure. Wood is also flexible in terms of design and usage so you can easily fashion them into custom shapes and sizes. Also custom branded merchandise gains your brand daily exposure. thereby increasing your visibility.
  • Cool Promotional Kitchen Product: Aside from spoons, you can also create wooden forks, bread knife, dimsum spoon, laddle, and more. You can even put up a custom promotional gift set with your logo on each of the items to amplify your brand name within busy shopping stores.
  • Targeted: When used as a promotional product, it targets homemakers, parents, foodies, and professional chefs. As retail merchandise, they would make great gift ideas for special occasions, so there is a demand for such item.
Wooden Cutlery Suppliers

Wooden Cutlery Suppliers

  • Market Retention: Because they are unique, customers would love to take them home. When given as customer giveaways or gift with purchase, you are able to help the environment whilst spreading the word about your brand. This will attract customers who share the same advocacy of reducing the use of plastic by using eco-friendly and sustainable products.

See how LINE used cute cutlery as redemption rewards:

Their cute spoon and fork set features their famous LINE friends mascots. This targets the app users as well as kids.

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Interested to incorporate this product into your marketing campaign? Contact ODM to get a quote for product code ODM2432. We can help you source wooden cutlery suppliers in China that offer high quality yet affordable promotional kitchen products. To give you more design and marketing ideas, check out some interesting related blogs below:


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why do consumers opt for wooden utensils?

Wooden utensils and spoons are always sought after due to the material being made of wood. Therefore it is natural, unlike other manmade materials.

Are wooden utensils safe for use?

Wooden utensils when comes in contact with a change in temperatures, tend to become rough and cracks up. This, in turn, makes space for food to get stuck in it, rot and become a breeding area for germs. While using wooden utensil might seem like a great idea, you must know that cleaning wooden utensils properly is very important for healthy cooking and preventing germs from entering your body via food.

How do I keep my utensils in good shape?

Use hot water to wash it and immediately put it to dry. Hot water helps to kill the germs and drying it well will not let bacteria build up in the utensil. If you see that your wooden utensil is becoming rough, refurbish it. Smoothen the surface by rubbing it with a steel wool or sandpaper. Once the surface is smoothened rinse it and immediately put to dry. Sometimes wooden utensils are polished to make it look shinier. These polishes could harm your health if you ingest it.