Did you know that the most common complaint that consumers have about food delivery is their food not being warm enough when it arrives? As food delivery owners, end this problem with the use of branded insulated lunch bags. Create an exclusive spot in the food delivery industry with this product idea!

Branded Insulated Lunch Bags

Branded Insulated Lunch Bags

These branded insulated lunch bags are perfect for individual use. However, with the rise of food delivery services, business owners should check the viability of this custom thermal bag as a potential tool for delivering food and drinks.


The Effects of Negative Reviews on Food Delivery Brand

Since the hit of the Covid-19, delivery services have helped millions of people around the globe. Our everyday living has been sustained despite the lockdowns and quarantines. Delivery service options tripled. Apparently, the same goes in dealing with negative reviews. Cold/warm and unfresh foods, late deliveries, and poor customer service are the common bad reviews. So, how do they affect the business as a whole?

1. Unhappy Customers

Most customers find it disgusting when the foods being delivered to their homes are already cold and unpleasant to eat? Well, who wants to eat cold and stale food or drinks? Most of us don’t.

2. Decrease in Sales

As a result of unhappy customers, a food delivery company will have lower sales. Running a business is definitely hard without profit.

3. Unsteady Brand Position

With these, the company will have a negative brand reputation. Customers might see you as incompetent in the services you offer.


How to Avoid Food Delivery Mistakes?

When it comes to food delivery, it is critical to ensure the quality of the food. Food takeout businesses today are using delivery bags with logo in order to maintain the desired temperature. But if you want to look for other alternatives to bulky bags when delivering small quantities of food to nearby locations, then this branded insulated lunch bag is your best bet!


Use Branded Insulated Lunch Bags to Keep the Food Temperature

Simple. To avoid the most common negative issue about food deliveries, use branded insulated lunch bags. Unlike other food bags, the outer of this bag is made from neoprene. This neoprene insulated bag is certainly a handy product for individuals and takeout businesses.


branded insulated lunch bags

branded insulated lunch bags


1. It is waterproof, insulated, and thermal. Meaning, the food will preserve the temperature until its destination. Say “goodbye” to negative reviews about foods being not warm or fresh enough.

2. Made from neoprene. This material is polymerized rubbers. It presents good chemical durability and preserves flexibility over a wide temperature range which is perfect for food deliveries.

branded insulated lunch bags

branded insulated lunch bags

3. It comes with a zipper. To ensure the efficiency of the materials used, this custom neoprene lunch bag has a lock. As suc, this ensures that the heat will not escape and the food will not get spilled.

4. Customizable bag. This custom neoprene lunch bag comes in many different colors – black, white, yellow, violet, and blue, which means you can have them in any color you want. To make your brand a remarkable one, you can place your logo in the insulated bags. You didn’t just solve a customer’s problem but you were also able to catapult your business to the next level.


branded insulated lunch bags

branded insulated lunch bags


The Future of Food Delivery Services

In conclusion, what’s next in the industry of food delivery services is a more comprehensive solution in the market. A recent study says that even after the pandemic, food deliveries will still double in the coming years. With that said, using this custom neoprene lunch bag is already an advantage for you. Get this product, the code is ODM – 3593.


How can we help at ODM?

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