Zolotaya Bochka is currently having a giveaway in Russia. With every purchase of $20 or more, you would get to receive a cooler bag as a giveaway. A cooler bag is an ideal giveaway as it is commonly used as a giveaway for drinks companies.  Cooler bags are insulated bags made of materials that have thermal insulation properties and they are commonly used to help maintain the temperature of any contents, be it hot or cold.

Giveaway in Russia: Cooler Bag

Giveaway in Russia: Cooler Bag

Why did Zolotaya Bochka use the cooler bag as a giveaway?

imagine how thrilled your customers will be to receive a promo cooler bag as a giveaway. Cooler bags are great for camps or events like birthday parties where you want to bring chilled drinks along while ensuring that they are still cool when you reach the destination. Zolotaya Bochka has imprinted logo on the cooler bag to improve brand recognition. Whenever customers use the cooler bag, they would be able to recognize that it is from Zolotaya Bochka due to the logo imprints all over the cooler bag.

Promo cooler bag is to cool, great for all outdoor activities. Customers can have nice picnic with meals and drinks. Moreover, they come in a wide range of colors and styles to make the most incredible advertising tool for just about any business. Customers  will use it for a family vacation and for a local camp events to store their food. Furthermore, this giveaway is an excellent item!

There are so many functions for this promo cooler bag, it provides endless advertising opportunities for your business. Original and innovative promotional item like this acts as great incentives. They certainly draw customers attention and encourage  them to purchase the product. So why not get started with this type of promotion today. Don`t miss out this opportunity to make your business successful!

A brief summary of this promotion in Russia for our local readers:

В России стартовала новая акция от компании Zolotaya Bochka. При покупки пива, Вам подарят сумку – холодильник. Покупатели наверняка будут заинтересованы таким предложением. Cумка – холодильник действует по принципу термоса сохраняя внутри себя холод или тепло. Это незаменимый предмет для организации отдыха и пикника на природе.