Gift with purchase: 4 reasons we love cooler bags with logo

In this blog, we will be taking a look at cooler bags with logo and why we love the idea to use them as a gift-with-purchase. In particular, we will be taking a look at cooler bags with logo that Marigold has made to help boost their sales.

Cooler bag with logo

4 Reasons We Love Cooler Bags with Logo:

  1. Branded design helps to attract customers. In this particular scenario, by collaborating with the popular cartoon, We Bare Bears, Marigold will see an increase in sales revenue as potential customers will be enticed to purchase their products in order to collect the bag due to its cute design and because it is deemed “collectible”. The effect of this will be multiplied for fans of the show. Additionally, by offering the cooler bag only when customers purchase a specified amount of Marigold Fresh Peel Juice, they have increased their chances of an upsell.
  2. Increased brand awareness. By printing your business logo onto custom cooler bags with logo, consumers are more likely to remember your brand and products. Especially if they use the product often. In addition, the brand logo helps to attract other people’s attention if they see a customer using it, thus taking a step beyond just increasing the brand awareness of customers but potential customers as well.
  3. Improve customers’ experience. Cooler bags with logo that pair well with the main product will enhance the overall satisfaction of customers. Therefore, customers will remember your brand with a positive image in mind. Ultimately, increasing the chances of customers coming back to buy more of your products.
  4. Increase customer loyalty. In general, creating a reward system by having a gift with purchase item, such as cooler bags with logo, helps to trigger an emotional response in customers. By doing this, consumers will be likely to remain loyal to a brand that they associate with a positive memory.
Cooler bag with logo

Gift-with-Purchase Item Recommendation:

Items that pair well with the product you are selling are used as gift-with-purchase. For example, this foldable cup holder could be paired well with a company that sells drinks or is organising an event. The most important thing is to ensure that your Gift with Purchase does not impede your profit margin. This is ignorable if your company collaborates with another company similar to how Marigold has collaborated with We Bare Bears to make their We Bare Bears cooler bag with logo.

Cooler bag with logo

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  • This is a marketing promotion that we thought was a great idea for marketing/promoting a we bare bears movie. Movie-goers had the option of purchasing this limited edition tumbler instead of drinking from the generic cups from theatres. The tumblers feature We Bare Bears-inspired designs. Not only is it cute, but it also served as a great business choice to increase the business exposure of the cartoon.
  • We loved this cooler bag with logo that Pocari Sweat implemented into their marketing strategy. The cooler bag is well-designed and we can see Pocari Sweat in large letters printed on it, the custom cooler bag comes in their signature blue and white colour combination. It is refreshing to the eyes just like their drinks are to the body. Sticking to their signature colours has helped them improve their brand image.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is a gift with purchase?

It is a promotion in the form of a free or a discounted item upon the purchase of one or more other products. For example, “3 for 1”, or “buy 2 get one-half price” or “your free gift when you spend $50”.

How to make gifts with purchase profitable?

The key to making gift-with-purchase incentives worthwhile is to offer something of value to your customers that is cheap.

What is We Bare Bears?

We Bare Bears is an American multinational animated series created by Daniel Chong for Cartoon Network. The series was based on Chong's webcomic The Three Bare Bears.

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