If you are thinking of great marketing merchandise for your customers this cold season, then a custom thermal bag will be your best bet! A thermal bag will be ideal for keeping food and drinks warm all day long. Extremely useful and flexible, they make your brand pop every time they are being used.

Custom Thermal Bag

Custom Thermal Bag

There are lots of designs and styles for customers to choose from. There are insulated lunch bags large enough to keep multiple items at once, and there are also bags specifically made for milk bottles.


Why Offer a Custom Thermal Bag?

1. Keep Drinks, Food Warm/Cold

Made from layers of durable and waterproof materials, thermal bags are generally made with the utmost quality. They have an outer layer, lining, and a middle layer that provides insulation so that the heat will not escape.

Custom Thermal Bag

Custom Thermal Bag

This is great for parents who are traveling with their kids. The insulated bag maintains the temperature of the bottles so kids can have a warm or cold drink even during a long-hour drive. Collapsible and lightweight, this is also ideal to bring to picnics with friends.

2. Cost-Effective

If you are looking for a high-utility, yet inexpensive promotional gift for your customers, then you can never go wrong with this custom thermal bag. They cost around 2 to 5 dollars apiece, so you can order them in bulk without hurting your marketing budget. As such, they can also be offered to customers at a very low price- a win-win for both the brand and customers.

Custom Thermal Bag

Custom Thermal Bag


3. Uphold Brand Reputation

Done right, this custom thermal bag can be a great tool to spread the word about your company. Use durable and high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of this promotional product.

Not only will your customers be happy with how well the thermal bag can keep drinks cold or warm, but they will also associate your brand with cool gifts. As a result, customers are more likely to recommend your brand to their friends. Personal testimonies or “word-of-mouth” is proven to be effective in influencing customers’ buying behavior.


4. Appealing to Eco-Conscious Customers

If you are considering offering this custom thermal bag as a promotional item, you will surely catch the attention of eco-conscious buyers. People are more aware now more than ever of the impact plastic has on the environment. This bag is washable and reusable, a brilliant substitute for plastic reinforced bottle and food holders.


5. Gives Customers More Value for Money

When offered as a gift with purchase, shoppers get more value for their money. As a free item, it makes them want to pick your product up over your competitors because they know they can get something more valuable in return.


How to Advertise with Custom Thermal Bag?

  • You may either print or sew in your brand name or logo on the outer layer to further enhance your brand visibility.
  • The handle can be detached, allowing customers to keep the insulated bag inside their tote bags. You can also incorporate a sling strap so it can be worn cross-body or on the shoulder.
  • Offer them as a GWP or a customer giveaway together with cereal products, breakfast items, kids apparel, and vitamins. Targeting parents is a surefire way to position your company as a family-friendly, wholesome brand.
  • Be eco-friendly. Experiment with materials. There are hardwearing and 100% eco-friendly materials to use for bag manufacture such as wheatgrass fiber as well as cork.


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