Household products are all the rage these days. Especially with the pandemic going on, most people spend the majority of their time at home. As a result, home organizing has become a popular trend where many tries to transform their home as comfortable as possible. A clean and neat environment plays a large part in creating a cozy home environment. Thus, today we offer to you this mini portable vacuum cleaner with logo as an employee appreciation gift!

Why this Mini Portable Vacuum Cleaner Makes A Great Employee Gift


This mini portable vacuum cleaner is a great product that can clean up small areas such as workspace tables. Additionally, it has a strong suction that allows eraser dust, pencil shavings, or any small debris to be sucked up easily. This vacuum also comes with a detachable nozzle plug that can clean areas difficult to be reached such as keyboards or door gaps.


Small in size, these mini portable vacuum cleaners are not only easy to carry around but also take up very little storage space. This makes them a great addition for small living spaces, where they can be conveniently kept on tables or shelves.

Easy to Use

This mini portable vacuum cleaner only requires 2 AAA batteries to operate. On top of that, there is also only a single on/off switch to be toggled. This makes this vacuum cleaner simple and safe to use.


With all the above perks, it is needless to say that this product makes a great addition to your employee’s family. Moreover, children will love this fun novel product and can use it safely as well. It also makes a great start for your employee to cultivate good cleaning habits from a young age. Undoubtedly, they will definitely appreciate having less mess to clean up themselves too!

How It Can Help Your Brand


These mini portable vacuum cleaners comes in a variety of colours. However, we can offer customization for orders in bulk too!  Not only that, you can also print your brand’s logo onto this mini portable vacuum cleaner.

Foster Employee – Employer Relationship

Giving your employees such a thoughtful gift will allow them to feel the care coming from you as an employer. It promotes a sense of human touch in a world where virtual communication is more common than physical. They will definitely be appreciative of this gesture and anticipate the day where everyone can meet back at the office.


Having such a cleaning product in your employees’ homes can also help to promote your brand. Family members and loved ones will be curious about this product and will want to find out more. It is a great way of spreading brand awareness and certainly, a product you should consider gifting to your employees.

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