Would you believe it? A 9-in-1 “multipurpose flashlight with logo” in the palm of your hands. They are not only functional but handy and practical. People love the ease of carrying around compact tools. Similarly, carrying around 9 perfect lightweight tools in your pocket in contrast to the standard heavy toolboxes. Definitely a brilliant product for your brand promotion!

Flashlight With Logo

Flashlight With Logo

Benefits of a Multipurpose Flashlight with Logo: 

All-In-One Convenience: This flashlight with logo features all the important tools you may need, all in one place. It includes a window hammer, bottle opener, screwdriver, flashlight, and many more! Nonetheless, the small and compact tool will not consume much bag space and is very convenient to bring around. With all the tools in one place, it improves the ease of access to them by the user. 

Flashlight With Logo Close Up

Flashlight With Logo Close Up

Durability: The main product material is made out of ABS, a thermoplastic + 2CR13/430 Stainless Steel. Additionally, minimal parts are made out of aluminum. These materials are all durable and users can use this product fo a long period of time. 

Variety of Colors: You are able to choose from a variety of colors for your own branded multi function product – flashlight. Colors range from blue, black, camo, etc. They are endless and you can pick them to best suit your own company colors. 

Branding: Using methods such as laser engraving or silkscreen printing can help brand your company logo on the product. Branding your logo is significant to grab the attention of potential customers. Moreover, a strong brand will help build customer recognition that eventually increases brand loyalty and sales. With a creatively branded multipurpose flashlight with logo, you are able to stand out and gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Product Details: 

Dimensions: 150x45x45mm

Main material: ABS +2CR13/430 Stainless Steel 

Flashlight: 3 modes – 100% bright, 30% bright, strobe 

Battery: 3*1.5V AAA

* As the product is battery-powered, shipping batteries by air is considered a dangerous good. Click here to find out more about hazardous goods. 

Flashlight With Logo Parts

Flashlight With Logo Parts

Key Product Points

Companies interested in a multipurpose flashlight with logo will be camping, beer bottle, repair companies, etc. The core function of the tool is the flashlight. However, there are 8 other tools to make sure its uses are pretty infinite. 

It can be a great promotional productcomplimentary gift, and employee appreciation gift. In other words, its sleek design and color variations make the multipurpose flashlight with logo even more attractive. Additionally, a convenient option to carry the tools in a compact way. Furthermore, the tools can be customized according to the client’s requirements. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do multi-purpose products act as good promotional products?

Multi-purpose products are definitely an easy way to showcase innovativeness and creativity. There is just an added value to items that have multiple features. This is an important aspect of creating promotional products for branding.

Will the quality of material affect brand exposure?

Products made from high-quality materials are highly used on a daily basis. Customers will be impressed by the high-quality and product innovation. Leaving customers with positive impressions on your branded products will most definitely affect brand exposure.

Can I get a product sample before mass ordering?

Yes, most definitely. Sampling is extremely important and products will be quoted with qualified prospects before samples are released. So, do note that additional fees are needed for samples. Contact ODM today to get more information on product samples!