Closeup’s appealing LED POP (Point of Purchase) Signage in Vietnam is an effective way to show more information on their product. The toothpaste market is one of intense competition and pop signage is one way to stand out from the rest at a local store.

LED POP signage

LED POP signage of Close Up’s toothpaste in a Vietnam supermarket.

Features of Close Up’s POP signage

  • Small in size– Close Up’s small signage allows for flexible placement in many supermarkets.
  • Displays important information– The pop signage displays the new coconut flavored toothpaste. With the coconut in the picture, it shows that the customer can relate to what the product features. It is something that cannot be seen clearly on just the toothpaste packaging.
LED POP Signage close up

LED POP signage of Close Up’s toothpaste in a Vietnam supermarket.

  • Place anywhere around your store- The signage can be placed in many places in the store because of its small size.
  • Acts as a silent salesperson- Salesperson does not need to be present as they are promotional shelf talkers to the customer.
  • LED lights- The LED lights put a focus on the design of the toothpaste. LED POP displays are also another way to use lights to market products.
  • 3d Signage– Pop signage can be made as 2d or 3d model displays depending on your needs.


What products work for POP signage advertising?

  • Household cleaning– POP up displays can show the results of using that cleaning product. It can also display promotional gift with purchase that works with household cleaning products.
  • Toys– Signage can also direct customers to specific popular movies that appeal to potential customers.
  • Food– Great for showing food products at grocery stores along with POS shelf hangers. Flavors and taste with POP signage as an example are easily shown.
  • Health and beauty products- Can show advantages of using such products or display essential features like the Close Up toothpaste in this example.


Advantages of POP signage

  • Provide visual interest- It captures attention from passing shoppers which drives impulse purchases. They provide visual interest from repeat shoppers at local stores because they don’t see the same pictures every time they go shopping.
  • More information provided with POP signage– Without the need for consumers to directly look at each individual sale item, this narrow and influences their decision-making process.
  • Acts as a sales funnel- Nearly 70% of all purchase decisions are made while customers are walking around in a store due to the influence of POP signage.
  • Affordable- Increase in return on investment because it is cheaper than other advertising methods.
  • Dominates section of the aisle– It can block the line of sight of rival products next to Close Up’s toothpaste.



As a result, POP signage like Closeup’s provides additional value for shopper when making a choice between brands. It drives sales to your products, so why not use this form of marketing? Don’t hesitate to talk contact us so we can help you design custom retail POP display units for your needs.


Alternative LED applications

A LED box signage for your business is awesome for storefronts because it attracts more customer to your store.

Kotex has a  marketing LED display stand as it shows a variety of their product range to draw customers in.

Oreo uses a LED POP display effectively for an additional roll of Oreo for purchase to outshine competitors.

Great promotional ideas with Toothpaste

Purchase Soothe&Care Toothpaste to get a special glass gift. This is a great way to sell toothpaste because it is a practical purchase with for brushing your teeth.

Similarly, Darlie has come up with a free bottle with purchase of toothpaste to boost sales.

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