Passion’s promotional wine packaging has been designed well to capture the attention of shoppers. Using a range of bright colours instantly makes the wine stand amidst other liquor products which typically feature darker, muted colours.

Chilean wine has grown in popularly in recent years, with the South American country’s cool climate, unique blends and value for money leading to demand for the beverage. Passion wines effectively capitalises on interest for their product with this bold promotional wine packaging.

Promotional Wine Packaging

Promotional Wine Packaging

What makes this packaging so effective?

Sustainability: Cardboard is an eco-friendly option for promotional wine packaging. Green marketing has become more important as environmental concerns have grown widespread. The environmental benefits of this promotional box can be emphasised in Passion’s marketing material. This will improve Passion’s brand identity as a sustainable and ethical brand be a customer incentive for shoppers who value sustainability.

Great design: The bright promotional product packaging contrasts with the dark colour of the wine bottle, drawing shopper’s eyes to the product. Both have geometric elements and gold foil which gives a premium feel and links the promotional packaging to Passion’s product.

Fitting: The stylised wine outlines are a great touch. The same can be said of the large purple circles which fittingly resemble grapes.

Emphasises quality: The gold sticker which states “premium quality” looks like an award which gives the impression of a high-quality product to consumers.

Portable: The top of the promotional wine packaging forms a handle. This makes the product more portable and convenient.

Promotional Wine Packaging

Promotional Wine Packaging

What could Passion improve?

Retail display: Showing the promotional wine packaging in a custom in-store display would be even more eye-catching. This would really set Passion ahead of their competitors.

Remove label: The white label inside the promotional gift set pulls focus from more attractive aspects of the design. If possible, placing this sticker on the bottom of the wine glass would refine the design while still making this information available to shoppers.

Secure bottles: Fixing the bottles in place within the box will ensure that the label aligns with the cutouts. As seen in this image, one bottle has shifted and shoppers are no longer able to read the label.

Promotional Wine Packaging

Promotional Wine Packaging

Passion’s promotional product packaging adds value to their product. A twin pack of wine in an eye-catching carry box with promotional gift offer attracts shoppers more than two plain bottles of Passion wine would. This effectively encourages customers to buy twice what they typically would.

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