If you are wondering how to increase the perceived value of your marketing gift, ODM will tell you how. Check out this classy packaging for a bottle of Bailey’s! Let’s give it a twist. What do you think if this box bears your logo instead? Give it away to your important clients as a corporate gift.

Marketing Gift - Bailey's Box Promotional Packaging

Marketing Gift – Bailey’s Box Promotional Packaging

Using Promotional Packaging as Marketing Gift

First of all, what is this box all about? This box serves as a packaging, which makes your marketing gift look nicer. This box are made of hardboard, foam and PU. It resembles the shape of an office bag, with a pocket in front. It has a Bailey’s bottle tag and matching card in the pocket.

This promotional product is not only useful for spirit companies such as Bailey’s. It does not always have to be a gift with purchase or on pack packaging. It is useful as corporate gift also. How nice it is to give this box of gift to your clients, instead of a plain bottle of liquor!

It does not have to be an bottle of liquor. You can put anything inside like chocolate, daily organizer or desktop items such as pen holders or clock. This packaging will make your corporate gift looks grand. It shows that you really appreciate the receiver of this gift. You can give the same gift to other clients, but this packaging shows your big clients that they are highly favoured.

This box is especially useful when you are giving away consumable products such as drinks or chocolate. Although your client may consume everything, this box will serve as a reminder of your generousity. It enforces brand recall, and may tighten your business relationship with them. Don’t you think it is a great marketing gift?