On pack promo gift are often used by beverage companies for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink promotions. During  grocery shopping, it is definitely not unusual to find several special on pack promo offers as the following one done by Bailey’s.

An on pack promo gift to make an impact

A very useful on pack promo gift by Bailey's

A very useful on pack promo gift by Bailey’s

The picture above has been taken in Hong Kong. We can see that the brand Bailey’s offers two beautifully designed drinking glasses with the purchase of a bottle of this famous liquor. The on pack promo gift looks very high end as the design of the glass has a gold finishing. Of course the logo on the brand is clearly visible on each glass.

In addition to that, the gift box which comes with the bottle and the glasses enhances the high perceived value of this set.This product it’s a perfect present to offer to your friend, family or acquaintances.

Reward your customers with a on pack promo gift.

Many brands are positive on the use of on pack promo gifts and they are right! Actually, this gift with purchase allows you to reward your customers and to make them more loyal to your company. The nice thing is the fact that these items are usually quite cost effective but comes with a high perceived value due to exquisite design and the branding of your company. Thus, a high return on investment for you. Do try using these sort of promo item, you will definitely be able to see your brand awareness increase too.

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