Check out Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey’s unique drinks packaging design! The US based whiskey brand understands that the beverage packaging can be as important as the product itself for those impulse purchases. It helps drive brand awareness within the hectic retail environment and keeps customers interested in their brand.

Drinks Packaging Design: Canvas Bottle Wrap by Bulleit Stirs Interest

Drinks Packaging Design: Canvas Bottle Wrap by Bulleit Stirs Interest

The brand, which is famous for their signature high-rye whiskey, used a canvas bottle wrap to market their drinks. The branded canvas bag added a rustic touch to the product and set the brand apart from competitors.   We also love some of the subby holders they have done in the past and the excellent customised mini flask we got at Imbibe Trade Show linked here.

We believe that the marketing approach is a good one, and below we explain why we love this promotional product.

Why We Love Bulleit’s Drinks Packaging Design:

  • Multipurpose: This bottle wrap not only serves as a Drinks packaging, but it can also be used as bag for crushing ice for cocktail drinks. Customers can also use it for keeping other items. High-utility items ensure continued brand exposure long after the product has been used.
  • High-Quality: Made from triple-stitch canvas with brass grommets, magnetic closure, and leather label, this Drinks promo gift is sturdy and high-quality. This helps improve the value of the product and retain consumers’trust.
  • Drives Brand Visibility: High quality materials ensure longevity of the promotional product and continued brand exposure.

This custom packaging is similar to Wild Wombat’s liquor packaging. They possess a rustic and countrified vibe that adds a distinct look to their product.  Wild Wombat’s packaging is much simpler, though.

Bulleit Bourbon’s packaging may be one of the coolest we have seen yet, but we feel that they could have maximized their visibility had they used custom POS display units. Something that would highlight their unique packaging would greatly boost their promotions. A crate or a wooden POS display would complement the canvas bag. check out this wooden pos displays for beer in Italy:

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Unique Drinks Packaging Designs for Drinks Products

These classy bags are not ordinary bags as they are a high end packaging idea that caught our attention during the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair. The impressive design makes the product a wonderful gift item.

For Tsarin, adding a little bit of playfulness to their drinks packaging design is a great way to impress customers.

These edgy drinks packaging ideas are perfect for the adventurous: