Lone Whisker‘s liquor marketing at Duty Free caught our eye. Their custom burlap sack packaging and custom bottle neckers direct the attention of customers to their display.


Custom Bottle Packaging

Custom Bottle Packaging

When marketing drinks, it is important to appeal to customers’ senses. By arousing their curiosity, they become more interested and invested in your products. This is the reason why like this liquor marketing by Lone Whisker. From the materials used in their packaging, down to its prints and texture, to the on-pack bottleneck gift, their marketing is on point! And here are the reasons why:


Custom Bottle Packaging

Custom Bottle Packaging


Custom Bottle Packaging – Why We Love Lone Whisker’s Liquor Marketing

  1. Visual Appeal – We love the use of burlap sack to showcase their drinks. Durable and aesthetically pleasing, the bottle wraps add a rustic look to the products. Shoppers are always looking for “authentic” products. As such, this woven pouch shows their authenticity as a brand. Because it is different from the usual box packaging, it surely leaves a good impression on customers.
  2. Reusable –  The drawstring pouch can be reused long after the drink has been consumed. They can be used to keep small items at home or reuse them as bottle wrapper for bottles of drinks when they travel.
Custom Bottle Packaging

Custom Bottle Packaging

3. Durable Packaging – The strings allow for easier handling of the bottles. Moreover, the fibrous burlap sack protects the bottles.

4. Eco-Friendly Packaging – Burlap is made from natural fiber so Lone Whisker’s packaging is certainly eco-friendly and sustainable. According to studies, burlap has very low carbon footprints. With green marketing being the trend nowadays, having an eco-friendly packaging gives you a lot of advantage in the market.

5. Appeals to the Sense of Touch – When we saw Lone Whisker’s packaging we immediately wanted to touch it. Surely, other shoppers have felt this way, too. That is why we believe its interesting texture would drive more shop walk-in’s.

6. Brand Remembrance – People in general are visual creatures. Unique and pretty products tend to stay longer in our memories.

7. Brand Positioning – We love how the burlap sack packaging has simple prints. This keeps the look neat and straightforward. Furthermore, as customers carry the bags, they expose the brand to so many people on the streets.

8. Drives Sales –  If placed along with other products, yours will not be pushed back in the background because of your unique packaging. Shoppers are likely to choose the ones that made a significant impact on them.


Woven pouches and canvas packaging seem to be merchandisers’ favorite choice of packaging for marketing drinks be it whiskey, bourbon, beer, or wine. Aside from being unique, flexible, and cost-effective, they also make great gwp for drinks. Here are some excellent examples…



Wild Wombat wowed customers with their unique packaging. It was made of woven fiber with simple prints.


Here, Bulleit Bourbon opted for a canvas bottle wrap. The orange-beige combination is pleasing to the eye. Most importantly, the packaging can be reused afterwards.


Rosemount showcased their line of wines with a canvas wine bag. The unique choice of materials and simple design gives the brand a distinct visual appeal.


The bottlenecker, on the other hand, distinguishes the product from other bottles of whisky on the shelf. We certainly like the bone-shaped bottlenecker because aside from the branding, the unusual shape will pique the interest of passersby. Here’s why it’s a good drinks promotional tactic:

Custom Bottle Packaging

Custom Bottle Packaging

9. Custom-Shaped Bottlenecker Serves as a Souvenir – Attach the bone-shaped promotional bottle necker to your keyring for an instant keychain! With its size, you’ll never miss it.


10. Bone Shaped On Pack Bottle Necker Appeals to Dog Lovers – The bone shaped pendant also make great gift for dog lovers. This improves brand recognition and market reach.


11. Call to Action – As both the packaging and necker serve as free gifts, they create instant call to action on-shelf. As a result, people are convinced to make an instant purchase.


12. Sets Product Apart – Using bottle neckers can be one of the simplest yet effective way to stand out from competitors. Shoppers will instantly notice what is unique from a set of products on the shelf. The charm can directs the attention of customers to your products.

Custom Bottle Packaging

Custom Bottle Packaging

The success of your liquor marketing lies in your effective merchandising efforts which includes packaging design, POS displays, marketing gifts, and use of drinks accessories like bottleneckers and charms. With that said, we believe Lone Whisker was able to make the most of their liquor marketing. It was simple, yet made a strong impact upon customers.


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