Wine is a major commodity across the globe. And there’s a lot of wine brands that compete to become the top wine seller. And for your brand to emerge as one of the top brands, you’ll need to have effective marketing gimmicks. Most of the brands offer promotional products whilst some improve their merchandise POS displays. Others invest in effective and high-quality packaging. The use of eco-friendly, sustainable materials is just one of the many innovative wine packaging trends today. In this blog, we’ll take a look at Regal Rogue and how effective its packaging is!

Tear Off Your Old Design And Unfold New Wine Packaging Trends

Tear Off Your Old Design And Unfold New Wine Packaging Trends

Wine Packaging Trends: What Are The Benefits?

  • Eye-catching – Joining the bandwagon has incredible benefits for the brand. Most of the time it brings positive results which stimulate sales and improves brand perception. And customers are familiar with these trends (because they always see it in the retail shops) therefore, it makes it easy for brands to catch the attention of these shoppers. Just take a look at our sample from Regal Rogue, they wrapped their wine bottles in a custom printed wrapping paper to stand out from the shelves. This is a great idea because not only did the bottle bottles stand out from the dullness of the shelf, it also conveyed their brand image. Colors vary to differentiate the variant. We can even spot it even from afar!
  • Eco-friendly – Since Regal Rogue uses paper instead of plastic, it goes to show that the brand is environmentally-conscious. Making a stand and showing your customers that you use sustainable materials is a good marketing move. This attracts people with the same advocacy and values. Thus, it improves brand perception which is beneficial in the long run. If you’d like to see another eco-friendly drinks or wine packaging design, check out the blog below:
  • Affordable – Paper is cheap hence any promotion that involves it would surely be cost-effective. Therefore, it allows one to reach more audience at a minimal cost. Furthermore, this boosts brand promotion by setting your brand apart from competitors. This is one great example of shelf marketing done right!
Tear Off Your Old Design And Unfold New Wine Packaging Trends

Tear Off Your Old Design And Unfold New Wine Packaging Trends

Why We Love This Packaging Design

It’s cost-effective and novel. The crumpled paper packaging looks vintage-y and the choice of colors for the graphic designs completed the look. However, this may bot be the best option as it’s not as durable as corrugated cardboard or wood.

Overall, this eco-friendly design is a huge step for the brand. It’s extremely beneficial because it’s recyclable, thus, showing that they care for the environment whilst promoting their brand.

So, if you’d like to create your own wine packaging, feel free to contact The ODM Group anytime. We are always ready to assist you from planning to manufacturing your promotional merchandise. Just call us directly or drop us an email.


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