When presenting products in stores, every sales agent knows that when the display is wrong, sales are most likely to be low. Maggie Magic Sarap used a POS shelf hanger on gondola shelves to make their product stand out from an alley of varied items. More than anything else, this kind of display is designed to encourage buyers to check out the product that they once turned their shoulders from and then do the actual purchase this time.

POS Shelf Hanger Boosts Maggie Magic Sarap Sales, Maybe You Need It Too!

POS Shelf Hanger Boosts Maggie Magic Sarap Sales

When a product is placed on shelves in stores amidst many other displays, it is less likely to be seen especially when the shopper did not plan on buying them. The likelihood of doing impulse buying is multiplied many folds when a product is strategically positioned to stand out. Most products on shelf hangers are cheaper and smaller items, which people pick up without having to think twice about spending for it.

Maggie Magic Sarap is perfect for POS like this. The initial goal is just to grab the customers’ attention, but the POS shelf hanger’s effect was so much more than that. Customers, in the end, made last-minute purchases.

Are shelf-hangers perfect for your products too?

1. Do you want to increase your product’s aesthetic appeal? If yes, POS shelf hangers may be what you need.

Through creating aesthetically pleasing displays, your customers will be attracted to it; therefore will be more enticed to buy them. Also, when a display looks great, it almost always shows-off a ceiling high product quality and this element is what most buyers look for in making purchases.

2. Is your product often displayed in crowded product categories? If yes, then you need a shelf hanger.

POS shelf hangers are best in shelves, where there are a number of consumer choices for just a single product. Such product categories include toiletries, packaged food items, and even cold drinks. Other examples where shelf hangers are extremely effective include:

  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Telecommunications stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Service stations

3. Are you looking for a low-cost campaign that is sure to work? You definitely need a POS shelf hanger.

Shelf hangers are an excellent way to improve brand awareness because it can also feature the product’s benefits, discounts, and even special offers.

POS Shelf Hanger Boosts Maggie Magic Sarap Sales, Maybe You Need It Too!

POS Shelf Hanger Boosts Maggie Magic Sarap Sales

If you have answered YES! for any of the three questions cited above, then a POS shelf hanger may serve you well. The ODM group can manufacture this point of sale piece wherever you want your products’ to be displayed. Call us today! We’ll design together.

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