Increase Sales with The Power of Retail Shelf Display

Does retail shelf display marketing still work today? Known brands like Lysol, Downy, and Del are using this to raise not just product awareness, but also to increase sales. If you want to boost your sales, a retail shelf display should be added soon in your store!

Promotional Shelf Display Mockup

Why Use Retail Shelf Display for Promotion?

Although we are in this digital era and businesses should be active online, as retailers, we must be fully aware that we can’t generalize all customers. Once a customer is inside a store, we need to draw them to make more impulse purchases and increase the value of their basket. Although posters and banners can add influence shoppers towards aisles and areas, retail shelf displays can act as a more targeted prompt, driving the eye to more particular brands and promotions. This is how retail pop display advertising works powerfully.

The Power of Retail Shelf Display

If known brands like Lysol, Downy, and, Del are still using shelf displays and work on them, we should, too. Here are the strong reasons why there is power in using retail shelf displays:

Encourage Impulse Buying

As store owners, we want to see impulse buyers coming through our stores. Retail shelf displays encourage impulse buying which will boost our sales. Just like wall-mounted racks close to the cashier entice customers who are waiting in line to pay for items purchased. These shelf display racks can be utilized if you want to attract buyers into purchasing small items that they have failed to include in their shopping basket. Items such as chocolates, toothbrushes, batteries, and the likes are common on retail shelf displays found near the cashiers of most retail stores.

Improve the Visibility of New Products

The simplest way of advertising new products to buyers is by putting them on shelf displays. These custom shelf displays are eye-catching and allow you to present your new items to shoppers without overwhelming them. Each product that is featured on these shelf display stands out, so it will be convenient for buyers to see single items that could interest them. Products that are placed on wall displays are at eye level, so these are likely to be the first thing customers can spot. This is also called eye-level marketing.

Retail Shelf Display Gives a Store a Neat Appearance

The entire space of the store will be more organized when shelf displays are installed. These designs will give a clean appearance that you might not get from table displays or floor-based stands. Some of the most captivating retail stores that you can go to has thin strip grid and wire grid displays, which are pleasant to the eye and can give a high-end look at your store. Since retail shelf displays are customizable, you can pick the most suitable rack that blends with your store.

Shelf Display Free Up Floor Space

Presenting your products on floor-based displays can be challenging, especially if you have a limited amount of space to work with. Since most stores have restricted floor space, freeing up some space ideas would be the best option. A lot of retail stores look crowded and disorganized only because store owners go wrong to use wall space. Once you put shelf displays in your store, you’ll get lots of merchandise off the floor and out of the way. Your customers will also have more space while doing their errands.

retail shelf display

Your Next Step

The best retail stores go beyond the floor. Retail shelf displays can be a valuable addition since it would help if you increase your sales plus it enhances your store’s aesthetics. Who wouldn’t like that to happen? No one, right? With the power of retail shelf displays on customers, it would be unreasonable for retailers to ignore its potential. Your next step is to install shelf displays in your store and wait to boost your sales.

retail shelf displays

ODM Customizes Retail Shelf Display

We would be delighted to assist you in the development of your custom design retail shelf displays. Contact us to take advantage of our expertise and our many years of experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are retail displays?

A retail display is anything in a shop that promotes your product. A visual merchandising strategy focuses heavily on the appearance of retail displays.

What are the 4 types of retail displays?

The four types of retail displays are those that feature one item, similar products, related products, and a cross mix of items.

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