What are the Types of POP Displays & Which Is Right For You?

We always talk about point of purchase displays here on our blog. But what exactly are they? What are the types of POP displays and when should I use them?

POP displays can be custom floor displays, signages, custom countertop displays, and virtually any marketing material that is strategically placed near the products being promoted. This is where most of your customers’ buying decisions are made.

Types of POP Displays

Types of POP Displays

Essentially, the main goals of POP displays are to;

  • Raise Awareness About Your Products:

You want your products to pop and be eye-catching to your target consumers. Usually, they are designed to supplement the packaging. Important information that is not otherwise stated on the packaging can also be found in the retail display.

POP displays target impulse buyers. There are many reasons why people make unplanned purchases. But two of the reasons they make impulse buys are discounted prices and engaging displays. One example would be shelf wobblers with a “50% off” promo. Customers are also more inclined to buy a product when they can test out products and compare them on the spot.

  • Convert Passersby Into Customers

Nothing makes customers look twice as a well-curated, attractive, and immersive POP display. However, how does it convert customers? Sometimes, shop displays house other products either from the same manufacturer or other brands. Products that go together are displayed in one shelf so that shoppers looking for complementary items will have everything they need in one convenient place, pushing sales and converts passersby into loyal customers.

  • Augment Your Promotion

Within busy retail stores, it is easy to miss other products completely. Custom POP displays are a great way to directly target customers to your products. Furthermore, they draw attention especially from customers who are looking to save more from discounted products.

There are three main types of POP displays: Permanent, Semi-Permanent, and Temporary fixture. To determine what type you should use for your business, ask yourself these questions:

  • What products will be displayed?
  • How long do I intend to use my POP display?
  • What is the size of my product?
  • What is my floor area?
  • How do you describe your retail environment and who is your target market?
  • What do I aim to achieve with my retail POP display?

Once you have figured out your retail and branding needs, it is time to decide what POP display would be suitable for your brand.

Types of POP Displays Defined

Permanent Displays

As the name implies, Permanent Displays are the point of purchase displays that are designed for long-term use. Made from heavy-duty and durable materials like metal, wood, and plastic, they are a regular fixture inside the store. They are constantly refilled with new products and are particularly ideal for heavy and large merchandise as they can withstand wear and tear.

Types of POP Displays

Types of POP Displays – Aisles Display by Blue Harmony No.8

Examples would be dump bins, display cases, retail shelvings, gondola, and merchandising floor displays as well as end-caps. They can also be kiosks or pop up stores that house a large number of products.

Types of POP Displays

Types of POP Displays

Semi-Permanent Display

Semi-permanent or semi-perm displays are constructed with a lot more durability than temporary ones. They are made to last for at least 6 months to a year. Made from corrugated cardboard, acrylic, wood, and other lightweight materials, they can be easily installed and replaced for certain promotions and campaigns.

Types of POP Displays

Types of POP Displays – Semi-Permanent Display

The above-example is by Sensodyne. This branded FSDU is designed to augment Sensodyne’s end-cap display. It houses their toothbrushes and buy 1 toothpaste get 1 toothbrush promo items.

Semi-permanent displays are also widely used to sell confectionery products. These examples by Ferrero and KitKat are made from lightweight materials but are durable enough to last for months.

Types of POP Displays

Types of POP Displays – Semi-Permanent Display

Temporary Displays

As the name suggests, temporary displays are those that are designed for short-term use. Made from light materials such as cardboard, they are ideal for short promotional runs. Banners, wobblers, and POS counter displays are great examples.

Types of POP Displays

Types of POP Displays

Temporary POP displays are great for seasonal promotions or introducing new products to the market.

Types of POP Displays- On-Shelf-Advertising

Types of POP Displays- On-Shelf-Advertising

Another good example would be small countertop displays where small items such as gums, candies, and even hand sanitizers are displayed.

Types of POP Displays- Corrugated Cardboard Counter Display

Types of POP Displays- Corrugated Cardboard Counter Display

Bringing It All Together

Remember, to get the most out of your store display, it is necessary to identify your goals, who your market is, and how long you are going to use your displays. These considerations will help you determine what types of POP displays would work for your business and manage your resources better.

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