How Branded Merchandise Improves Your Brand Visibility

Numerous companies worldwide are using branded merchandise to promote their brand. In this blog, we would like to share this branded merchandise that we spotted in Russia. We found this branded merchandise in a bakery chain named Kuzina bakery. 

They are custom branded ceramic cups that feature their company logo. These branded cups were placed next to their main selling products. We love that the bakery is offering 2 variations of their custom ceramic cups.

Design Variations

The simple ceramic cups are branded with the bakery’s logo and are available in black and white.

branded merchandise

Branded Merchandise


The second style is very much different from the first example, which is sleek and simple. The cups have a textured exterior and come in two variations: one with a pink rim and one with a blue rim. The logo and bread roll patterns are printed on the interior of the cup with a blue rim. On the other hand, the cups with pink rims are printed with logo and doughnut patterns.


branded merchandise

Branded Merchandise


So to the million-dollar question is… How does branded merchandise improve your brand visibility?

  • Branded merchandise allows for increased brand awareness. With the logo imprinted onto the merchandise, it can be easily seen when it is being used or even at a distance. In this case, the logos are distinctly printed on the cups.  Additionally, these products would spark brand remembrance easily and could encourage customers to purchase items from the bakery. Speaking of bakery promos, check out this limited edition bakery promo gift.


  • Branded merchandise like cups, tote bags, and bowls are high utility. These products would most likely appeal to customers especially if they are beautifully-designed. Having a chic, sleek, or cute design encourages more purchases from customers. Thus, the design of the cup is an essential factor as well. 


  • Increase customer loyalty. Having branded products like these at home allow for an increased emotional connection between the bakery and the customers. With these products being used often around the house, they double the exposure when shared with family and friends who come over.


  • Promotional branded merchandise, while on the shelves, can be great in-store displays. With increased brand visibility and brand recognition, customers would no doubt remember the establishment every time they crave pastries. If you are looking for an interesting idea on how to promote your bakery, then check out this bakery POS stand for inspiration.
branded merchandise

Branded Merchandise



To conclude, branded merchandise serves as a constant reminder of your brand. It is a great marketing tool to increase brand visibility and spark brand remembrance beyond retail stores. There is so many different brand merchandise that you can use to further amplify your brand message. But do remember that creativity and uniqueness are key to keep your brand on top of customers’ minds.

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How can ODM Group help?

ODM Group has many years of experience as a promotional marketing agency. Established in 2003, we have helped various brands in terms of promotional product design and manufacture. If you are unsure of the type of merchandise you should use, you can contact us for assistance. Furthermore, if you need help with brand design, contact our sister company, Mindsparkz. They are a design agency that can help you with all your design needs.

Do you want to see more creative branded merchandise ideas? You can view our blogs for more inspiration.


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