Branded paper cups are often used in coffee shops, restaurants, and events. Because they are affordable to produce, business owners can make bulk orders at a very low price. Hence, they make effective branded promotional products for the drinks industry.

Monster Energy drink knows the branding potential of these eco-friendly cups. We love how they customised the cups to promote their brand. They have printed their logo on the body of the cup, which is cool because once customers use their cups, they’ll immediately recognize the brand.

3 Promotional Advantages Of Branded Paper Cups

3 Promotional Advantages Of Branded Paper Cups

Drinking cups are among marketers’ favorite marketing products because they are a simple way to get your brand into the hands of your target market. Here are other reasons you should consider investing in branded paper cups.


3 Promotional Advantages Of Branded Paper Cups

  • Eco-friendly Material – Everyday,tons of plastic reach our oceans, threatening millions of animals. As a responsible company, we need to act upon this global problem. Therefore, these branded paper cups will not just help promote your brand but also protect the environment one cup at a time.
  • Easy to Customise – Paper is one of the most versatile materials on the planet. Basically, all you need is a great design concept and you are off to creating an incredible promotional giveaway. So if your brand wishes to modify the colour, shape, size, and design of the paper cups, our product designers would welcome your ideas and concepts with arms wide open.
  • Great Branding Potential – Well, if you look at Monster Energy’s branded paper cups, they are coloured with a black background to accentuate Monster’s logo as the foreground. This design is really good because the logo is easy to see and recognise. In fact, if you would like to go all out, you may use glow-in-the-dark prints for a more unique look.

Overall, paper cups may seem like a cliche but trust me, this promotional item will do wonders for your brand. Plus, you are saving mother earth!

Suggestions for Improvement

Although paper is eco-friendly, we can’t deny the fact it is not as durable or as long-lasting as other materials such as  wood or stainless. So, if you want something that will ensure that your brand will be seen. For instance, these metal rum cups make great customer incentives for rum and beer drinkers:

Marketing managers can laser etch their branding and designs to make sure that the designs will not wear off when washed.

Here’s another good example from Pallini. As part of their on pack promotions, the brand has included a branded ceramic cup to reward their customers. The colors and the designs suit the design on the bottles of the drinks.


These custom aluminum cups in the shape of beer cans are a simple yet effective way to introduce your brand to the market. Not only are they eye-catching but they are durable and handy as well.


If you would like to create your own set of branded paper cups, please feel free to contact the ODM team anytime. We may assist you in creating the perfect design for all your branded promotional merchandise. We can also assist you in sourcing and manufacturing so, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.


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