Millions of tons of single-use plastic are produced every year which causes a negative impact on the environment. So, a global effort is being made to cut plastic waste for a greener and better future. But what will replace single-use plastic? Paper products are now booming due to their biodegradability. Read this article to find out why you should invest in custom paper straws for an eco-friendly seasonal promotion.

Custom Paper Straws

Custom Paper Straws

Single-Use Plastic: The Problem

With the global ‘break free from plastic’ movement taking over, and rightly so, plastic packaging is taking a hit.

In the U.K, major retailers like Tesco have started charging for plastic bags, and popular coffee chains like Starbucks now charge for plastic cups. Since then, they saw a massive increase in the number of people coming to stores with their own reusable bags and cups! This shows how much people care about the environment, and that they are willing to make a change.

One great example is this reusable drinking cup. Marketing managers can replace the plastic straw with these custom paper straws:

Charging for plastic products is a good way to get less people to use them. But it is just as important to look for environmentally friendly alternatives! Starbucks and McDonalds are slowly phasing out their plastic straws and aim to completely replace them with paper straws by 2020. Other food chains such as KFC have also decided to ditch plastic straws in their Hong Kong and Macau chains.

Custom Paper Straws

Custom Paper Straws

Paper straws aren’t just for the food and drinks industry. The Marriott International Hotel’s have removed plastic straws from circulation in order to do their part for the environment. So whether it is for your customers or internal staff, this is a nice and easy swap any business can implement, so there’s no excuse!

Why Custom Paper Straws Work

As a business, you want to provide products and services that satisfy your customers. If you currently use plastic straws, customers may choose an eco-friendly alternative. This could mean losing customers to your competitors.

In order to retain customers while doing your part for the environment, you may consider switching to paper straws. There is no better way to introduce your new eco-friendly agenda than with a festive promotion!

Custom Paper Straws

Custom Paper Straws

Festive paper straws are a simple but effective way to show customers you care, while also contributing to your seasonal merchandise! Aside from these vibrant paper straws, check out this custom retail packaging for Christmas promotions.

On the same subject, these reusable metal straws could make for a great premium promotion!

Or how about these promotional spinning straws to make things a bit playful.

Here at The ODM Group, we can source and manufacture FDA approved paper straws for your brand. Simply contact us with product code 2330 for a quote. Our design team can help you sketch a design completely customised to suit you.

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