Keen in using promotional spinning straws are your marketing tool?

Looking for an interesting gift with your next drink promotion –  why not use a giveaway like unique promotional spinning straws?  Great for use as on pack gifts for drinks or even as a fun gift with purchase, they help enhance the drinking experience of consumers.

Here are some unique types of promotional spinning straws for your selection…

The Spinning Straw – promotional spinning straws

Promotional spinning straws for your next promotions

Promotional spinning straws for your next promotions

As you drink your drink through these straws people around you will be fixated on the spinning logo.   On this picture we see how the Cars movie was used this for licensed promos.

This level of customisation in terms of colour of straw, logo position and shape, and the movement of your logo make this one of our top picks.

The Curly straw – promotional spinning straws

Whilst an older product, the novelty is still there.  With many loops and curves around this straw, this design gives an extra “twist” to the conventional drinking straw. The shape of the straw can be customized to suit your promotional needs.

Great for use with children’s drinks or even exotic cocktails as it adds a fun factor to the drinks.    Allowing children to bend these into different shapes enhances creativity.

Promotional spinning straws for your next promotions

Promotional spinning straws for your next promotions

Three holed straw – promotional spinning straws

All about sharing – this straw comes with 3 openings instead of 1, enhancing the drinking exprience.  This can be used for 3 people to share a drink, or for 1 person to drink from 3 different containers at once..

Currently offered by drink company Vitasoy in Hong Kong to promote their lemon tea packet drinks over the summer, this promotion is a good demonstration as this straw helps triple the refreshment.   This encourages purchases during a hot summer that Hong Kong is now experiencing.

These just some of the many straws that are available. Customize your straws with your own logo in order to improve marketing visibility. A prominent logo increases brand exposure when the item used in parties or outdoor.

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