There are a lot of brands that are removing plastic straws from their businesses. With this movement, consumers have to find alternatives. Hence, other than custom paper straws, it is the perfect timing for brands to jump onto this bandwagon and give eco-friendly corporate gifts such as the silicone straws! By doing so, it will certainly reinforce the message of doing our part for the environment we live in. Below show the silicone straws that come in different colours. This surely adds variety to the selection!

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts (2)

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts (2)

We also have a view of how it looks like when drinking – it allows users to visualize and picture what is it like to replace plastic straws for silicone straws. And the difference is minimal. Hence, users will certainly feel that they will adapt well to this change for the greater good.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts (2)

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts (2)

There is a capsule provided to store the straw. Moreover, a custom brush is given so that users can easily watch the straw to keep it clean and usable. It is surely portable and requires low maintenance!

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts (2)

Silicone Straws In Packaging


Why Do We Love This Silicone Straws As Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts?

  • Spreads Awareness Of Anti-Plastic Movement – The movement to ban the use of plastic has received much positive feedback and is still progressing forward. If more brands are to participate in this movement, it will certainly shed light on this important issue. Hence, a promo gift idea that is eco-friendly is another way brands will increase brand visibility and gain high respect for.
  • Brand Loyalty – Supporting this movement can rally a group of loyal customers patronizing your brand. This increases customer base as brands are able to reach out to various target groups. Also, positive word of mouth travels from one to another. Therefore, brands will undoubtedly have a strong and stable base of customers where sales are derived from.
  • Convenience – With a box to keep the straws, it becomes a handy and fuss-free promotional item to carry about. Users do not need to worry about drinking directly from the cup as they now have their own personalized straw! This creates a sense of satisfaction and pride as they are cultivating a long-term habit.


Overall, brands will certainly be able to leverage on this ongoing movements as more and more people realised the possible negative impact of using plastic on daily basis. Do you think your brand can benefit from this eco-friendly corporate gift?

At ODM, we can help to create products that meet requirements as we have been specializing in promotional products, production management, and other marketing services. We have vast experience in the industry and worked closely with factories in China and recently, Vietnam – so we can assure you quality in your desired requirements. Also, we have a professional in-house design team Mindsparkz that can help you with product brainstorming sessions.

Feel free to contact us with the code 2382 to get a quick quote on these silicone straws for your next promotional campaign!


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