While producing your own promotional products, branding is a vital aspect that shouldn’t be left out. If companies are offering promotional products with no branding on it, they are just giving away free money. It is a huge cost to bear with no incentive to the company. So for most of the promotional products that you can find in the market, they are all branded to a certain extend.

During our visit at the HOFEX 2013, ODM spotted a few commonly used promotional products with imprinted brand name and logo. Check out below for these branded promotional products:

Seitenbacher's branded promotional products

Seitenbacher’s branded promotional products

Rabenhorst's branded tray

Rabenhorst’s branded tray

Alba Cheese's branded tray

Alba Cheese’s branded tray

Seitenbacher is a German food company that focuses on natural food products. This company offers a wide range of products like cereals, noodles, cake mixes, soups, honey and etc. During the tradeshow, this company has utilized their branded promotional bowls to display their cereal products. Besides that, a branded table mat was also used to attract visitors. The table mat has a large surface area that is great for branding purposes. This makes it highly visible and easy to attract attention.

In the same tradeshow as well, a German juice company (Rabenhorst) and an Australian Cheese Company (Alba cheese) has utilized promotional trays that are imprinted with their brand name as well. Why do companies brand their promotional products? Read on to find out more!

Why should you brand your promotional products?

Branding improves brand recognition

Branding your promotional products leaves a strong and lasting impression on your customers. It is a very cost effective way to advertise and market your business. For example, a branded pen constantly keeps your brand name in front of your customers. As a result, customers would remember you and approach your company instead of your competitors. These branding efforts are critical for growing businesses. Companies have to find ways to make it easy for customers to remember you and eventually sales would definitely increase with greater brand recognition.

Direct advertising source

A branded promotional product is an advertising agent for your business. Imprinted with your company name and logo, branded promotional products continue to advertise and remind people of your company long after they have been received. Customers who receive promotional products are a source of direct advertising and are most likely to refer friends, colleagues and others to your business. As such, branded promotional products increases brand awareness and your sales opportunities! So whenever you are about to start on a new promotional product, remember to imprint it with your company logo and brand name!