Chinese New Year 2021- How to Prepare for Shutdown?

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest and most celebrated festivities in China. This festival celebrates the start of the Lunar Calendar. It is an annual 15-day celebration where families come together for reunion dinners and follow various traditions and customs. 2021, will be the Year of the Ox and the start of the Chinese New Year 2021 holidays will fall on Friday, 12 February. 

Though the Chinese New Year holidays are only 15 days, factories will be closed for nearly a month because this is the grandest traditional festival and the longest holiday in China. Additionally, many workers usually only get to visit their hometowns once a year as their work may be far from their homes. Thus, most factories usually cease production about a month prior to the official holidays and are closed slightly after the end of the celebrations as well.

Dates of Factory Closure

Electronic Components Manufacturing Factory

With Chinese New Year around the corner, we have been provided some approximate dates where factories will be closed. Hence, clients can expect the closure of most factories to fall on these dates.

Wooden Products Manufacturing Factory: Jan 18th – Feb 22nd, 2021

Stationery Manufacturing Factory:  Jan 20th – Feb 26th, 2021

Plastic Manufacturing Factory:  Jan 20th – Feb 26th, 2021

Home Storage Manufacturing Factory: Jan 20th – Mar 1st, 2021

Power Bank Manufacturing Factory: Jan 25th – Feb 23rd, 2021

Bag Products Manufacturing Factory: Jan 25th – Feb 28th, 2021

Apron Products Manufacturing Factory: Feb 1st – Feb 22nd, 2021

Bar Supplies Manufacturing Factory: Feb 1st – Feb 28th, 2021

Flag Products Manufacturing Factory: Feb 1st – Feb 28th, 2021

Fabric Manufacturing Factory: Feb 1st – Mar 1st, 2021

Acrylic Products Manufacturing Factory: Feb 2nd – Feb 26th, 2021

Plastic Phone Holders Manufacturing Factory: Feb 5th – Feb 22nd, 2021

Plush Toys Manufacturing Factory: Feb 5th – Feb 22nd, 2021

Fridge Manufacturing Factory: Feb 5th – Feb 22nd, 2021

Electronics Manufacturing Factory: Feb 6th – Feb 20th, 2021

Pen Products Manufacturing Factory: Feb 25th – Feb 28th, 2021

Chinese New Year 2021

CNY’21 Factory Closure Dates

* dates of factories closure are subject to further changes and will be updated soon.


How Will This Affect My Company and Business?

Due to the holidays, most factories and freight agents will cease all operations during this period of time. Thus, this affects the manufacturing of products, which may also lead to a longer time required to process quotation requests. Additionally, workers may request a longer period of leave in order to spend additional time with their families. With freight agents on holiday, the amount of time required for the transportation of goods could be delayed. 

Disney Factory Audit: Toasters, Stamps and More


So What Does ODM Group Recommend?

With the holidays beginning in Mid-February, it is no doubt that production and manufacturing orders have been flooding factories. Here are some tips that we would like to recommend if you are planning to roll out any Chinese New Year promotional products and gifts. 

1. Plan Early 

Planning is a crucial part of production planning. Some things that you can plan out include but are not limited to: 

  • Artwork Design 
  • Budget 
  • Materials
  • Color scheme 
  • Product Ideas
  • Timeline of events 

By having proper plans, it would be easier for your company to make an informed decision. Furthermore, there would not be a need to worry about receiving goods on time. 

Year of the Ox Socks

Year of the Ox Socks Artwork Design

2. Order early 

It is crucial to order your products early so as to ensure that your products will be received on time. Many companies will definitely be rolling out Chinese New Year 2021 promotional products and others may have ongoing projects that require production as well. Moreover, ordering early ensures that your company is early on in the production queue. This is because later orders are placed at the back of the queue. With the overwhelming number of orders, factories may not be able to complete your orders in time. There are also other factors to consider such as how long it takes for the products to be manufactured and delays on promotional gifts delivery due to COVID 19 restrictions, and other external forces. Thus, it is important to make an order early.


3. Seek Assistance from Third Parties 

ODM Group is a sourcing office with many years of experience. Thus, we have a long relationship with our suppliers worldwide. We also have Chinese and International staff who can use leverage to jump the queue. 

Besides, companies may find it difficult to look for the right factories to come up with their promotional products.

ODM Group provides a variety of services such as quality control, to ensure that products are in good condition before it is transported over to your company. We have worked with many clients in coming up with promotional product ideas that they may be interested in. We believe that the quality of products plays a big role in company branding so, through our services, we make sure to uphold high-quality standards in terms of manufacturing and turnaround time.

If you require any assistance in looking for interesting promotional products that you can roll out this Chinese New Year 2021, contact us at ODM Group. 


Promotional product ideas for Year of the Ox

year of the ox gifts

Promotional Product Ideas for Year of the Ox

At ODM Group, we have compiled a list of 11 Striking CNY Corporate Gifts. We believe that these products would be excellent to be rolled out during the great Chinese New Year 2021. 

In addition, you can check out this blog on an annual project that we have been doing at ODM Group, custom promotional socks. For Chinese New Year 2021, our custom promotional socks feature our dear Oscar, the Golden Ox. This blog shares how our design team at our sister company, Mindsparkz, comes up with this design. 

How can ODM Group help? 

If you are interested in promotional products for Chinese New Year 2021, feel free to contact our staff. With extensive years of experience, we can definitely help design and manufacture products that would fit your marketing campaign. Furthermore, if you are looking for design services, you can also contact our design team at Mindsparkz. Otherwise, you can read our magazine for more blogs about promotional products.


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