Are you looking for something special, unique and useful for your customers this coming Chinese New Year? Well then, this is the right post for you! Today, we are introducing this elegant master piece, a silk red packet organizer. Read one more to find out how this red packet organizer will boost sales and increase customer relationship!

Red Packet Organizer for Chinese New Year

Red Packet Organizer for Chinese New Year

Giving out red packets is the most traditional act in all of Chinese history, especially during Chinese New Year. Red packets are a form of good luck and to ward off evil. Thus, red packets with cash or gold coins are given out during Chinese New Year. Now, having too many red packets on hand and in your bag can be extremely annoying. If only there was a red packet organizer that looks elegant but also user-friendly! A silk red packet organizer will solve that problem!

Red Packet Organizer to Increase Customer Relationship

Now, you may wonder what is in for you, as a seller, to give out red packet organizer as your giveaway. This gift is not only elegant and unique, it is extremely practical and useful in all household. Silk is a material used by the emperor in the olden days and having the material in silk reinforces to the customers that your company is respecting your customers and that they are like emperors. In this way, your customers will feel extremely valued and respected by your brand. Thus, this will strengthen the relationship between you and your customer.

Red Packet Organizer to Boost Sales

Red packet organizers are an effective way to boost sales. Firstly, they allow for a great area to customize. You can consider adding your brand’s logo on the silk to promote your brand. As your customers go to their relatives’ house for visits, they would bring your red packet organizer along and this can be a great opportunity for your brand to be advertised to others. As people gain curiosity about the unique and special designs of the red packet organizer, they might research further and purchase items from your brand when they see what they like! Thus, sales will soar and profits will increase!

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