Do you often think about gifting someone a unique gift but failed? Well, you have come to the right place! Custom commemorative coins will be the perfect gift for you. Additionally, The ODM Group has taken into account various factors and detailed them all in this blog. Continue reading to find out more. 

custom commemorative coins

custom commemorative coin

What are Custom Commemorative Coins?

They are coins used to commemorate special events and occasions. They usually have their own distinctive design minted on to reference the particular occasion on which they are issued. When you hear of custom commemorative coins, you will immediately think of collector’s items am I right? Partially correct, but not only are they for collectors but for regular circulations as well. 

Here is a link to a real-life case study of these coins. You can head on back to this blog after checking it out! 

From Concept to Production 

Glad you stayed around for this blog, let us now take a look at the Conceptualization and Production process of these custom commemorative coins! For official commemorative coins to begin production, it has to be approved after going through discussions with their own committee board. It is best to know how many commemorative coins are produced annually. The reason being the coins will lose their value and collectors would not want to collect them as much due to the overwhelming amount of newly designed coins. Below will be the process of how a concept turns into reality:

  1. The conception of a custom commemorative coin idea
  2. Stating specifications for the weight, quantity, and metallic colors (Gold, Silver, Bronze) of the coins
  3. Coin artwork design is finalized with the required wordings and images
  4. The production deadline is set 
  5. Sample custom coins are ordered and received 
  6. Quality checks on the coins and approval
  7. Mass production begins
  8. Full bulk order received 
  9. Distribution of the custom commemorative coins to designated groups

The above steps will be the concept of how the coins are made. Hope you find the walkthrough well for your very own custom commemorative coin process! Moreover, you can also have creatively thought of bespoke packaging design to hold the coins. For example, custom tin packaging, premium packaging design, bags, trays, displays. 

Benefits of Custom Commemorative Coins

1. Boost Employee Morale and Engagement 

Custom commemorative coins are great gifts for employee appreciation. They can be used to incentivize employees for their good work, in addition, boost their self-esteem. To allow employees to remain motivated, it is fair to give them awards with regards to their efforts and contributions to the company. Once boosted, recognition by your employees will be received and they will work even harder to boost their productivity for the success of the company business. Furthermore, the coins would not be wasted as they are unique to the employees who will treasure them dearly. 

2. Special Occasion 

Use them for special occasions, such as fundraisers, employee appreciation, and festive seasons such as Chinese New Year. Custom commemorative coins are a powerful way to symbolize a certain memory or event for people involved in it. 

Moreover, you can hand out these coins too during Trade Shows or Exhibitions. They act as your very own business cards for others! A spectacular trade show promotion and idea to stand out from all other exhibitors and allow others to remember you vividly. Have your company logo beautifully branded on both sides of the coin and you are all set in becoming the talk of the event. 

3. Effective Marketing 

Tap into the advantage of long-tail marketing with custom commemorative coins. They literally get your brand into the hands of target consumers. These types of effective marketing aids with long term visibility and brand awareness,  Thus, these coins are not only highly portable, but a visible way to get your company’s name known to the world. 

Anyone who receives the commemorative coins will feel special and appreciated. Essentially, it is similar to a customer loyalty program when it comes to connecting with your customers.

custom commemorative coins


4. Unique Gifts

You do not want to spend money on a gift that does not truly make someone feel special. As cliche as it sounds, a gift that is mass-produced on large scale. Additionally, it is better to show your appreciation for someone with a unique gift, the more unorthodox, the better. 

Customizing commemorative coins can help you impress past and future customers and clients. They are highly flexible in terms of designs, broadening your creativity in creating the perfect coin. Moreover, the unique and personal touches go a long way in conveying your message that truly resonates with your receivers. Unquestionably, they are great gifts to express your gratitude to others.

custom commemorative coins

Custom Commemorative Coins

Key Product Points

Companies that might be interested in custom commemorative coins are event industries. Or simply any industry wanting to show their appreciation to their employees. Ultimately, it can effectively improve your brand performance in a plethora of ways. 

They are a fantastic and unique gift to capture the eyes of people. Their value, intricate designs, and benefits make custom commemorative coins even more attractive. Furthermore, for brand differentiation, the product can be customized according to the client’s requirements.

custom commemorative coins

custom commemorative coin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are custom commemorative coins highly valuable?

With so many people collecting rare coin pieces, commemorative coins are a hot item for collectors. Not only are they minted only once, but only available for a limited time. Hence, their value increases over time, making them highly valuable.

Are commemorative coins worth money?

Commemorative coins can be said to be worth money due to legal tender, hence they are very desirable due to limited quantities. However, custom commemorative coins given or sold by businesses are worth much lesser compared to official coins. Buyers/Collectors can check the value of their coins if the company is well sort after or “antique” in the future.

Can I get a product sample before mass ordering?

Yes, most definitely. Sampling is extremely important and products will be quoted with qualified prospects before doing so. However, do note that additional fees are needed for samples. Contact ODM today to get more information on product samples!